Friday, July 23, 2010

the tree and additional bear story

The field....of course.LOVE, LOVE LOVE that place! It inspires me beyond belief. I hope to take this idea in the studio and see where we can go.
As promised, here is the extension to the story.
After I realized my key was missing-about 10pm, I first called the restaurant where I had been dining with friends. The person who answered was kind and understanding. She said she would look for it and call me back. Next, I took my little flashlight and canvased the ground around the door and car. No luck. My heart dropped to my stomach when I realized it might be at the field. So, I drove there and with a tiny pen flashlight in hand I turned over strings of long grass. As I moved closer to my spot I heard a series of loud sounds and a big plop in the water. It was LOUD.... probably not a bird, but a larger mammal. Time to leave. (later when Casey arrived it was he who found the small bear tracks.) Back home I go. More searching with the flashlight. After a seemingly long period  of time I was frustrated. I went to my car to think..... and possibly sleep. Next up floats a boat with a large spotlight, flashing into the yard, bushes and house. Yipes! What if I have to spend the night in jail.....for breaking into the home...I much prefer my car. So I high tailed out of there. I  didn't want to take a chance.
 That brought me to downtown La Conner, where I pulled into a parking lot and rolled up in bubble wrap to keep warm. Keep in mind it goes down to 50 or so at night. Needless to say it was easy to wake up early to meet Casey. And what a treat at the end of the adventure!
That is the completion to the story posted the other day....sorry about the holes before! I leave you with a photo of my beautiful field. I still will post more about the workshop...I am just on my hamster wheel of glee, enjoying life and painting....till later, toodles! Loriann


Double "D" said...

Good Morning B,

Your love and inspiration really comes through in this gorgeous painting. Such awesome colors, so bright and cheerful. Looks like you've found a new favorite tree. I really like the underpainting, nice but the strokes of pastel over the top are full of energy and really makes this an eye popper.

How does Paul feel about your latest adventure?
I see a book title coming into view, "Plein Air Panic ... adventures with a dangerous painter". Ha!

Keep enjoying and sharing the beauty and stories with us. Love em all.

Nika said...

This painting is glorious and dripping with glee, what a treat.
The field is indeed gorgeous, I'm surprised to see the sun in your pic:)
Oh, what a night you had! Narrowly escaping the bear and possibly the jail, I don't know which is worse:)
Stay safe and make an extra copy of that key maybe.

Caroline said...

Your painting is almost dancing with sunlight and colour Loriann. You could have been eaten by a bear, help! glad you are safe and sound and here to bring us more beautiful daily paintings.

Janelle Goodwin said...

I think there's a book in your future, featuring your beautiful, amazing paintings along with you adventures. Oh dear, I'm so glad there was a happy ending!

SamArtDog said...

By all means, you should write a book in your copious free time! Or you could keep exploring your field; I have a feeling there's no end to the inspiration. I assume you took many more pics of it for reference.

B Boylan said...

"Top 10 Unusual Things that Happen While Painting"...I can see the title of your first published book!

Anonymous said...

I think you topped all the less than stellar experiences I ever had with plein air painting. A great story,and relieved its one I heard about and not experienced. Your night of sleeping in a roll of bubblewrap puts a whole new spin on your adventure, especially when one considers the alternatives: jailhouse or appetizers for the local wildlife.

loriann said...

You'all really make me laugh!!!!!!!
I could really go on and on about stories. Someday, if you are good, I will tell you about the herd of peccaries.

Hi PB! Always a delight to hear from my PB.
Plein Air Panic.....adventures with a dangerous painter. I like that title as Sam says in my copious free time I will begin the draft. teehee.

Hi Nika.. You are right this painting shows my love for this place. Glad I escaped jail and the bear...not sure which one I would choose!

Hi Caroline! Thank you! and you can't get rid of me that easily!!!!

Hi Janelle! A book...well you never know!

Hi Sam!!!! Maybe I will write an article since as you may have noticed my free time is a big pinched! Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Brenda! Who knows, right???

Hello Anonymous!!!
Bubble wrap rates really high on my list now...a VERY versatile product! Thanks for commenting !

Jala Pfaff said...

Oh my god, the things you go through for these paintings!!
This is ALSO a very lovely photograph.
Casey seems to attract bears--beware.