Saturday, July 24, 2010

oil plein air with Richard

6x6 oil on canvas
So now I have begun the 3 day oil plein air workshop. Normally I only use oil in the this is very new. ...and exciting!
Richard's methods are different that I know already, but they really make sense. Imagine. If I haven't said it before I  will say it now...I think Richard is the best teacher anywhere. He can explain anything. He is meticulously organized which means his ideas and methods are very structured and thus easy to understand. I can go on and on (and at another time I will), but if you have one workshop to go to ...make it his. You will not regret it.
A brief synopsis of his method- color harmony created by a small selection of colors, mixed greens, purples, oranges and grays/neutrals. Like pastel painting, it is imperative to plan your value design with notans. There is also a monchromatic, rubbed out painting in burnt sienna underpainting underneath this. That's the basic. I promise that I will explain in depth later. For now I have to go to bed.
This is Richard when he was painting at the slough last night...the same place I painted with Casey.


Caroline said...

Thanks for the photo of Richard as you can see that incredible warm light that is in your painting. It looks a great location and time of day too. I look forward to more information on how you are creating the lovely oil paintings Loriann. It feels as if you are on a painting marathon!

Leah said...

Lovely plein air oil painting, Loriann. There's no stopping you now!

Donna T said...

Not fair! Your oils are just as beautiful as your pastels! The photo of Richard is priceless - he always looks so relaxed when he's painting. Keep learning!

Casey Klahn said...

He's standing on the bear tracks, I think.

RM does appear relaxed, as he did in your previous pic of him. Interesting how he is perfectly organized, and yet relaxed, too. I am impressed.

mariannepost said...

I am really interested in your palette selection. The light in your painting is exquisite. How lucky to get a double dose of Richard. I can't wait to see the outcome of each day's efforts.

loriann said...

Hi Caroline,
All the information will be time. till later!

Hi Leah!!!!
Thank you...what's new in NS?

Hi Donna!
If it helps any, both are a struggle...but then again it's all a journey, right?

Hi Casey!
You are probably right. Hope they gave him painting power.

Hi Marianne, I will write about the palette...maybe tomorrow if time allows. Lots more on the way!

B Boylan said...

And more WOW!

loriann said...

Thanks again Brenda!