Monday, August 16, 2010

experiments with surface

8x9 oil on gator board
The rain day, yesterday, kept me in the studio- productive all day. That is the way I spent my Sunday (*till burger nite that is...)
I have this idea of what I want my oils and pastels to look like and I can't seem to come close. I have decided that changes in my surface might help...switch things around a little. That is what led me to take a marble dust panel, that I made for pastel, sand it a little and than paint on it with oil. I think I liked using it.I also used the dreaded, oh so toxic Liquin, to impatiently glaze this piece. I just waited a half hour between each layer. I like the way the marble dust holds and absorbs the paint. Smearing the edges was easier. As a reference, I was working from one of my pastels done during my trip.

*definition-burger nite- Every Sunday night my family and my sister's family and any other relatives/friends  in town, get together for food, laughs and the family card game. It's a hoot.


Leah said...

I miss burger night!

Casey Klahn said...

I love the wiped away layers; the sfmato (spelling?) of this. The moments of dissonance. This method sounds like a keeper.

Weatherhill said...

I love the soft dissolve of light and colour and the sense of light ~ as if caught or tangled in the treetops and just breaking free.

loriann said...

Hi Leah!!
Burger nite misses you! You should obviously live closer!

Hi Casey!
I think I will play more with this method. It is funny at first i am always annoyed at how little power my thinned paint makes on any takes at least 8 layers before i see what I want happening. I guess i just need to learn patience. thank you for your kind words!

Hi James!
"as if caught or tangled int he treetops"...ooooooooh I like that!

Jan Yates, SCA said...

beautiful atmospheric qualities--there are so many gorgeous passages and nuances in your work and no one handles edges like you do!

loriann said...

wow, what a nice thing to say jan! I have been concentrating on my edges lately.Thanks!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Hi Loriann! Thank YOU for your kind comments and for your inspiration. Your comment about painting something you don't love (from your Richard McKinley workshop) stayed in my head and challenged me when I was anchored at a spot that didn't thrill me. Thank you so much!

This surface made your oil painting look more like your pastel painting -- the shape of things and the nuances. Really beautiful. Kitty Wallis recommends her paper for oil painters, too. Something new to try?

loriann said...

Hi Katherine, I am delighted to hear that Richard's words (via me) were helpful. That particular challenge holds tight with me too.
Thanks about the painting. maybe I'll give her paper a try for oil. hmmm.
Now let me check out your blog.

Caroline said...

Beautiful and almost fragile. A wonderful wee painting there Loriann.

loriann said...

Thanks Caroline!"wee' i love that word!

Barbara said...

This is LOVELY!

stinsonfineart said...

"As I was painting this picture, I became the springtime river."

Su Tung-po (1036-1101)

I always think of that verse when I view your water paintings regardless of the time of year.

Well done!

Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing, I enjoy your vitamins so much.

loriann said...

Hi Barbara, Thanks for stopping by! And thank you for your kind words!

Hi John!
What a nice thing to say!!!! You made my day!

Hi Lisa,
I am glad that you enjoy checking in. It was fun to meet you in July!