Monday, August 2, 2010

Richard McKinely interview, part one

I will post my interview with Richard in small manageable pieces, as time allows. This method will also allow you, the reader, to savor each morsel. Enjoy!

Loriann- Richard what are the qualities you have that make you an amazing painter and teacher?

Richard-First, you have to believe that you are that amazing painter/teacher- internally.  Who said that I am? When you receive feedback there is always a duality and you don't believe it. it's good not to know it. Humility. Humility is important.  I don't believe any of my own press releases. It keeps me hungry, forever reaching to do things better.

L- An amazing teacher you are. There is no one as generous and understanding of a painter in his or her personal struggle/process. You know how to push each one in exactly the right way.

Richard- I believe that you have to appreciate what others do. Be respectful. Other painters are doing the best they can. Other teachers are teaching to the best of their ability. To think otherwise is arrogant.  We all deserve respect.  Internalize humility.  If you believe the stuff people say about you it makes arrogance.
 For me it's still hard everyday. There's something we want to communicate and we are constantly trying to find ways to communicate that.  It's like the Holy Grail.  Yes, certain aspects of painting become easier with constant work, but there is that undefinable thing we want to communicate and we are never quite there.  The minute you get it, your work is done. 
I once saw a PBS series about Vincent Van Gogh, in particular his last painting. It was the painting of  the crows. After its completion he waited, then two days later he shot himself in the stomach.  He KNEW that he had done "the painting" and there was nothing else left to say.

more good stuff continued later...

Oh, and I must add there is another  (this time professional) interview of Richard in the July/August issue of Artist's Magazine.
Check it out!
In addition this September Richard will be inducted into the Pastel Society of America’s Hall of Fame at the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park.  WOW! Now that's big! And well deserved!
Check out Richard's website and blog:

Now I am off on my way to the to Orcas Island this time! There is one of my beloved fields on Orcas.


Erik said...

Interesting read Loriann, looking forward to the rest.

Caroline said...

Great blog as usual Loriann, very interesting to read about tutoring.
Your 'Twilight' area paintings have been dark and blue in tones though it may well be due to all the trees and maybe rain. I look forward to visiting Orcas Island with you from my arm chair in the highlands!

SamArtDog said...

You are The Field Fairy. One sprinkle of your magic pastel dust gives the place a soul.

Astrid Volquardsen said...

Thanks for sharing all this information. Enjoy you're time in this beautiful landscape.

Karen said...

Ho wonderful to read through your posts about your trip!! It really beautiful to think of you wandering around up there, and to see these amazing images you're making.
And this post! How cool. Of course it makes me want to go work with him! Thanks for putting it up.

loriann said...

Hi Everyone!
Sorry about the later return. I am not ignoring your thoughtful comments. Internet service is limited at best. I once again have to drive to find service.
You can probably tell by just that little piece of interview just how awesome Richard is as a teacher and a person. Sharing it is a risk I take. So many people will now want to learn with him once they see what an experience it is...I may never fit in the class again. Dread that thought!
Thanks Erik, Caroline, Sam, Astrid and Karen!
More interview...probably tomorrow!