Friday, August 6, 2010

same field, the golden glow of early evening

10x10 pastel and watercolor on Uart

When the scene is in front of you there is choosing to be done. I know I have said it before and I apologize for being redundant. The question-"why are you painting this painting?" is of ultimate importance. It will guide all your decisions from that moment on...what to leave out, what to put in and how to make the painting's rhythm.
In this painting the main concept was about the golden light and my desire for a playful calligraphy in line and mass throughout the sweet peas. Purposely I used harmonious colors that mirrored sky in the land.
I could paint this field forever. Knowing one's subject intimately opens up a whole different kind of painting.
Do you have a place that is your intimate muse? Where is it and why do you feel it resonates to who you are as a painter?


Pam Holnback said...

Great info. Thanks for the constant reminders. Love th foreground!

Bob Lafond said...

Loriann, You get up awfully early to post an evening pastel. Great picture.

Caroline said...

I can see the warm light areas in your painting Loriann. I like the wild and random pastel work that brings your painting to life.
The sky must be my muse as I have moved away from the coast to the mountains and moors now yet am still looking to the powerful sky to create mood and atmosphere. Thank you for asking.

Nika said...

Good question to ask yourself - why?
I like this one the best out of the last three of these series. Dancing strokes, happiness... Your love of this place is palpable.
My muse? I do have a penchant for the dusky fields, but I haven't found a particular place yet. Maybe soon.

loriann said...

Hi Pam and thank for stopping by and making a comment. Glad that you are enjoying my posts!

Hi Bob!
Early is the name of the game, for me...and yes I do know several of your muses...we share one.

Hi Caroline! I can definitely see that the sky is your true muse.

Hi Nika,
It is a good question to understand. You will find your muses too..Soon i will be checking to see what you have been up to during my travels.
Thank you about this felt good. Glad it shows!

SamArtDog said...

I so admire your deliberate choices in this.

loriann said...

Thanks Sam...and i always love your comments!
i will be by to check your blog as soon as i return week! Can't wait to see what you have been up to.

Karen said...

Somehow I missed these 2 of this field before, and they are so amazing...your difference in sharper marks up front to the softness in the background is entirely effective