Thursday, September 9, 2010

location, location and meeting another blogger/artist friend

9x16 (i think) pastel and watercolor on wallis
Today I had to deliver two paintings to the show at the Washington County Fine Arts Museum so it gave me an opportunity to pass through gorgeous, rolling farm lands. On the return trip I met fellow artist/blogger Donna Timms and we did the two things artists do: chat about art and paint. This was my first time in this area so I felt that this painting was like a handshake. I can already see how I can revise it (on another panel) in the studio. It seems that I became wrapped up in creating what I saw, which is never my goal. A first painting in a new spot is like that. At least, for me, it takes a while before I can move  towards the essence the feel of the place. Does anyone else find that same pattern in their painting? Just a takes at least 10 paintings to warm up.....
This is Donna with her painting. It's hard to see in this photo, but it really is a little gem. Great to see you again Donna!


Bob Lafond said...

Great warmup painting, and Donna's is really nice too! I agree with you about getting to know an area. It may even take a year or so, which one realizes looking back as the work improves.

B Boylan said...

Nice analogy, it IS like a handshake! Maybe on your way back to pick up your work (that is of course, if someone doesn't buy your work first) you'll get to revisit the site again.

Double "D" said...

Well Miss B,

If it were me, I would feel really great with a piece like this. I know you don't like to paint what you see. I'll bet what you saw could never look this good. Nice size and wonderful aerial perspective and atmosphere.
I guess you can go ahead and paint 10 more but I'll always like this one very much. I guess I'm to old and always like to see what's around the corner. So paint one Miss B, they'll will all be wonderful.

B Boylan said...

Double D, your comment provoked a nice thought I"d like to share! What if the world looked like a painting? :)

Donna T said...

It was great painting with you, Loriann! Your painting turned out so well and looks even better in real life. (Loriann bravely set up right along this fairly busy road while I wimped out and took the field to the right) If you decide to get to know this area better just call me - maybe next time we won't have to fight the wind as much!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Lovely painting! You have a soulful approach to getting acquainted with a new space. And, lucky for us, it sounds like you will enjoy exploring this area again and deeper. You are tireless!

Casey Klahn said...

Time for me to catch up with you. I met another blogger, too. Celeste Bergin. It is much fun, huh?

Take care.

loriann said...

Hi Bob, you are so right, I think that I can have a life time of certain much loved spots. I should have taken a bigger photo of Donna's to show you.

Hi Brenda!
I may revisit my handshake. What if the world did look like a painting???? I guess it depends.

Hey PB!You are funny. I am glad you like it.

Hi Donna, It was great to meet up and paint together. And you didn't wimp out, you are just the more sensible of the two. One truck almost had my tush. I'll of course contact you when I am back again!

Hi Katherine!
Tireless...that's why they call me the hamster....always on the wheel heehee. thanks about the painting!!!!!

Hi Casey! Welcome back from Sausalito.and congrats again!