Tuesday, October 12, 2010

sunset on the field

8x10 pastel on Uart
Last night I went out to my soccer field to attempt a plein air painting of the quickly setting sun. The time one has to work is so small, about 10 minutes and then there are BIG changes. I set up an underpainting of transparent brown oxide oil before "the show" began. When the sun finally set to the place where it lit the tree edges, the race began. I must admit that keeping my pastels in the same place helped since the light in my eyes was blinding. I could not see the pastels or the paper with any reliability. I would reach for a pastel and hope it was correct. (pastelist, keep your box in order!)  I am working with this in the studio now and I think I will return to the field again tonight.


Donna T said...

Wow! Stunning piece, Loriann! The bits of underpainting showing through add some nice warm touches in the trees.

SamArtDog said...

Both yesterday and today, you actually painted light. I, like so many others, think this is remarkable. And bold. Though the time of day appears to be different, the two scenes are struck with light. You're amazing.

You used Wallis on the first and Uart on the second. Any reason? Also, what's your preference and why?

loriann said...

thanks Donna, it really is surprising that i saw anything. Tonight I will try, but this time looking in the other direction and memorizing.

Hi Sam and thank you!!! I am delighted that you feel they are struck with light. The reason for the different papers is simple...I have a big box of papers (uart and wallis) in my car...I just pull one out...usually it's because of its size. I like both papers when the wallis is good. i have a good batch of wallis right now:-)

Double "D" said...

From now on I'm going to call you
"Show Time". You certainly captured
this show. Beautiful.

loriann said...

PB, "showtime" eh? How is your shoulder show coming along?
PS thank you

Nika said...

Very hard to paint at sunset, I agree.
You did a wonderful job, though. I like it's simple complexity.

loriann said...

Hi Nika,
You are right, that bright light makes it very hard to see! Thank you about painting..I did another tonight...I'll post it tomorrow. cheers!

Sara Mathewson said...

You really nailed this one Loriann!

I have tried doing this too and it is so difficult. I set my easel up in my bedroom(when I lived in AZ) and had a great view of the sunset every night. I did several different paintings but would leave them up and work on them at about the same time every night. Then I started working from memory.

It was a fun time. I had that easel set up for a few months. I'm a slow painter and ill so would work when i could and of course the conditions would often change from night to night. But it was a fun experiment" I have to say that you have done an amazing job here with ten minutes to work with! and the sun blinding you!!

Take care,

Astrid Volquardsen said...

Wow, Loriann, this is remarkable. I especially like the colors, the light! in the tree.
You're right, when you say, keep your pastels in order. when I painted before sunrise, my box was still in the shadow and we have a saying over here: At night all cats are grey." So were my pastel sticks and I just hoped I would used the right ones.