Monday, October 11, 2010

back to reduction and essentials

5x8 pastel and watercolor on wallis
Back to the idea of what is essential?
I am so guilty of looking at a scene and being totally taken with its beauty that I paint with the abundance of colors I actually see. My goal is to reduce those colors down to the most important to allow the viewer to feel the sensation.
The canal had a light fog of a neutral violet and the light was golden. The color I chose had to stay in those two families. I made the sharpest contrast in the focal point. When you look at the photo you might not know it was the same place. hmmm.


Astrid Volquardsen said...

Your feeling of the place and the transformation to your painting is always more important than the actual place.(even though it looks beautiful too)

Donna T said...

This is so nice, Loriann, yesterday's too. Any tips or hints for how to determine the color of light? It sounds like it should be simple but I find it difficult. It just usually looks like light to me :-)

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

I love the warmth in the light. It's really interesting to see a photo of the inspiration against your connection with the place.

loriann said...

You are so right's all that really matters. Loved watching your workshop from afar!

Hi Donna, Good question. The sky (to me) is the best indicator or the color of light. Dawn tends to have a cooler light, dusk tends toward a warmer light, nocturnes are cooler...but there are no rules and cooler doesn't mean cold. What it means to me is the lemon yellow of morning is different than the deeper cad yellow deep or indian yellow of dusk...still yellows. Landscapes feel better when they lean warm. I paint the sky color and let that rule. Does that make sense?

Hi Lisa! Thanks about the paintings! When the photo downloaded with my other photos I was shocked how different it looked and a different day. The photo had greyed it all and it really wasn't that way. The yellow soaked into the fog in all the light areas. It was quiet, yet it had light electricity...hmmm

Donna T said...

That makes tons of sense, thanks!

Double "D" said...

Hi B,
It would be interesting to have several of us in person at one of your scenes. We could see what each of us determine as the color of the light.