Saturday, October 16, 2010

analyze your work and Maryland Pastel Society Show

Here are the two paintings of mine that will hang in the Maryland Pastel Society Show (October17-November 7.)

After analyzing both I have listed their reasons for success:
1. they each have a dominant value
2. dominant color (top- orange, bottom-golden yellow)
3.dominant temperature
4.strong focal point with two other "lead around" points
5.edges  vary-hard/soft
6.exciting mark making with quiet spots
7.shapes-interesting with variance 

One interesting fact for me the top field painting has a center of interest that is in the foreground...very unusual for me...but I was obsessed with that field. It's a plein air painting. The bottom painting is a studio pastel completed from many small studies.

Analyze your own work at least once a month.... See your patterns, good and bad.


shirley fachilla said...

Saw a thumbnail of your top painting and had to see more.
I'll be sure to visit again for the images and your words.

Brian McGurgan said...

Great analysis and advice, Loriann. I'll refer to your list when I look closely at my own work. One thing I've been focusing on more lately is using my own work rather than that of others as a gauge and compass for guiding my progress and direction - building upon what I like in my own work as opposed to drawing so much on external influences too directly. Your list will be helpful for this. It's great to see these two paintings again - you'll be very beautifully represented at the show there in Maryland.

loriann said...

Hi Shirley and welcome to my blog! Thanks for your comment. I'll be by to check your work this week.
Cheers, Loriann

Hi Brian,
You bring up a very good point... there are times for being influenced by greats and times for digging inwards to discover your authentic path. I hope the list helps a little. I believe that your work already has a very individual feel to it...I would know it anywhere. So you are doing a lot right:-) Paint on! Loriann