Sunday, October 17, 2010

limited palette, Andrew Wyeth and vitamins

9x12 oil on linen
Andrew Wyeth had a habit, a wonderful habit, he painted every morning for 50 years. "I'm like a prostitute," he once said, "I'm always on duty."I definitely understand this idea of being on duty since I don't feel "right" unless I have had my vitamin.
This is a studio work done from my many plein air studies in this field (see paintings below.) I kept a limited palette- 4 colors and white- garnet red, viridian, ultramarine blue, and indian yellow. All 4 colors are transparent.
Andrew Wyeth was once asked,"What makes painting a good work of art?"   He replied, "Some artist think every work they do is a work of art, I say keep working and you may produce a work of art" I will keep working.
I toast this man...he was the king of vitamins.


Donna T said...

Beautiful! Your limited palette really works to tie the shapes together and reinforce the mood. I have to remember that!

Casey Klahn said...

Love your analysis in the last post - seven of them. I bet you could write 50 of them.

This is a thought provoking take on AW, who I have recently taken as one of my lights.

It is hard to decide for me between your painting at the top, #1, and the third one. There are elements I favor in each. I know this is a fantastic work - that I am sure of.

Brian McGurgan said...

It's been great to see this limited palette painting develop, Loriann, and with beautiful results. I'm enjoying the Wyeth quotes, too.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

I think I remember seeing the top painting in its underpainting stage. You've really captured the light hitting the tops of the trees and the harmonies work really well. All of these are great and show your marks regardless of the medium.

loriann said...

Hi Donna, Thanks for your comment. Limited palette is a concept I continue to TRY to employ. It's a little easier with oil since I can put the other tubes away. With pastel I will always creep over to my boxes and think...oh this one is related and soon I am using everyone and their cousins! So much for restraint.

Hi Casey, AW is one of your lights too?..hmmmm. We think alike. I am glad you found the list interesting and yes I probably could go on and on. Thanks about my paintings

Hi Brian, Develop it does...slowly. Glad you liked the quotes.

Hi Kvan,
After seeing it posted I know I am still not done. More later!

Delilah said...

Great painting

loriann said...

Thanks Delilah!