Sunday, October 31, 2010

Autumn, a season of delight for the colorists

about 9x10 pastel on twinrocker

Autumn, a season made for those of us with colorist tendencies. It's very hard to stay in the studio with all that goodness outside. So, why resist?
While out in the field I had an urge to break a rule. I placed the tree in my painting - dead center. To counter that I put my focal point in the bottom third- the grasses that meet the right corner of the tree. Could it work? hmmmmm.
It was funny, that while working on it, it made no sense. I worked very abstractly in only large blocks of color. I painted with the local color only at the very end.
I thought you would find it interesting to see a photo of the place I painted. Now you can see all the decisions that have to be made while painting. The two main alterations were: value change for the distant trees and chroma changes for the foreground.


Casey Klahn said...

Hey, that is great! I am just happy to be in the studio, much less actually being outside.

And I am excited about the o/l work in the last post - way to go.

Donna T said...

You should keep breaking rules if the results are as nice! Thanks for showing the photo of the scene; it just makes your painting look even better.

Caroline said...

I have to admit that I didn't notice the tree was in the centre until you mentioned it. All I could think was how beautiful the tree is, a lovely scene. I wonder if it took you long to paint this painting I take so long to draw and paint a tree.

Double "D" said...

Ahhh, it's a beauty. I like this one mucho!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I had just a bit of your color tendencies. Incredible color and texture.

As for the tree being dead center, you've succeeded in directing the eye away from the center. The main stem curving to the left along with the other stems. The lower position of green orange clump of leaves (lower right) All of which leads the eye away from the center.
The dark crown at the top is darker on the right side and the curve of the foliage pushes to the left. Then down to your focal point, right at the diva the grasses move to the right away from center.

Hows that for convincing myself the tree is not in the center.

I wish I would have purchased this one!

Happy burger night!

Double "D" said...

misprint, in parenthesis should have been lower left.

SamArtDog said...

This broken rule worked like a charm!

loriann said...

Hi Casey and thank you! Being outside is what I really live for..I love it!

Hi Donna! Breaking the rules just added that extra challenge and fun. Oh by the way, I just made an improved load of rosemary/walnut biscotti and now i have a new idea how to make it better.

Hi Caroline, The painting took under an hour to do. Maybe my recent,constant drawing of trees helps.

Hi PB!. Wow you really examined it! Thanks for noticing everything.I did another one this morning. The colors out there are awesome. It's funny how I have sent so long trying to "train" my colorist tendencies to be more neutral. It's been a good lesson for without the neutrals nothing shines. Hopefully I am on the way to finding balance.
Halloween Burger night should be have an amazing memory!

Hi Sam...I think you are a woman who enjoys a broken rule or two.

Jala Pfaff said...

Love it.
I hadn't noticed the tree was in the center. That certainly speaks highly of what you did!

Brian McGurgan said...

Hi Loriann - I agree with the others, this composition works nicely and your strategy for lending greater focus to the foreground is effective. I noticed the centered tree right away but didn't find it distracting. I also like the opposing diagonals of your composition - the foreground sloping up to the right and the background sloping downward in the same direction. This helps give a greater sense of visual weight to the left side of the composition, offsetting the potential static effect that might have existed otherwise with the tree at center. Lovely color and texture, too.

loriann said...

Hi Jala, wow! you didn't even notice...maybe you were busy looking at cute kitten;-)

Hi Brian, Thank you so much for your in depth analysis... you pointed out things i wasn't even aware of!!!!