Monday, November 1, 2010

the color of light

9x12 pastel on somerset
Early morning the pond was graced with a light created with a mix of lemon gold. Since the trees are all sporting their gold, bronze and cranberry leaves the light seemed warmed by their presence. Usually morning light seems so much cooler.
As I work to make my oils more similar in working method to my pastels I am also working in the reverse direction. That means this pastel was layered in the same way as my oils. Abstract bands of color (orange, pink and violet), followed by the skeleton colors (what is underneath) and topped by local color.
Here, I show you the pond. it's always amazing to me how little the photo shows the essence of the light.
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Brian McGurgan said...

Beautiful warm glow in this one, Loriann! I like the rich, vibrant "underpainting" of rubbed pastel here. The composition with opposing diagonals merging at right works nicely as well. I like how you balanced the warmth with touches of cooler color - feels like an autumn morning to me!

Donna T said...

Brian said it all for me - nice one, Loriann!

PS - if you need a taste tester for your biscotti I'm available.

Double "D" said...

Another great one B.
Now would you please make your essence available each time I paint? My essence is color blind.

loriann said...

Hi Brian, You are so observant!Using the textured, but not sanded, paper is a whole new thing for me. You do it so well. I've been watching. It seems to me that is important to really rub in the bottom layer. What's your finding?

Hi Donna, Thank you and I will let you know when the recipe is ready. This weekend I also branched out to make up a vegan fall stew- white beans, butternut squash, vegan sausage, onions and apples. That was a real keeper.

Hi PB, Your essence is as alive and well as can be, just let him rip!

Caroline said...

Hi Loriann, what kind of pastels are you using? Does the top layer not lift off the layer of pastel underneath or does the paper type also play a part in the successful layering. I can see the layers it really looks an exciting way of working. I can see you have been studying trees in drawings etc as you have some lovely toned shapes in the foliage. Practise does indeed make progress.

loriann said...

Hi Caroline, I use a variety of pastels and that one was done on a rag paper which is very soft and absorbent. I rub the bottom layers into the paper and layer from there. Yes I have been spending some of my work time drawing trees. it's so relaxing. thanks for your questions.

Carol Lee Beckx said...

Hi Loriann,
I'm so pleased I have discovered your blog and wonderful paintings.
I'm impressed with what you are able to accomplish in such a small format.
I'm going to itinerant (moving from SA to Brisbane)and studio-less for a while so small paintings will be my salvation.
Thanks for the inspiration.
regards Carol

loriann said...

Welcome Carol and congrats on your new decision and brave move. Thanks for your comment.While you are studio-less, just squeeze in a small painting each day(between packing and getting ready for the move :-) and you will keep your chops sharp.

Antonio Mariani said...

Pitturi divinamente, stento a credere che queste opere dai colori armoniosi siano opera tua e non di Claude Monet.
Sei bravissima artista che sai cogliere la natura con grande abilità.
ps. Dipingo anch'io e scrivo

loriann said...

Grazie Antonio!!