Monday, October 18, 2010

back to basics with Corot

Seems like I just need to go back to the basic drawing- find the grace and eloquence in trees.

                I leave with you words of wisdom from Corot's sketchbook:

While I’m seeking conscientious imitation, I do not for one minute lose the emotion that overtook me. Reality is part of art; emotion completes it. If we were really touched, the sincerity of emotion will pass unto others.”

Another nugget of gold from one of Corot's pocket sketchbooks:
 “One would be wrong to get discouraged after two or three mediocre studies. It is the preparation of the good one that profits, without us noticing so, from this seemingly sterile work.”

And just one more:

In the artistic career, one needs conscience, self-confidence and perseverance. Thus armed, the two most important things in my eyes are the strict study of drawing and that of color values. "


Double "D" said...

The Amazing Experience of Following
Loriann Signori!


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SamArtDog said...

Thanks for the Corot quotes. Your drawings are lively and lovely.

loriann said...

Hey PB, I hope you are feeling is that shoulder? Glad that you are along for the ride!

Hi Sam...thanks about the drawings. Corot will always amaze me!

Gregory Becker said...

Those are great quotes. Very beautiful work as well.

Caroline said...

Lovely drawings Loriann and Corot writes with great insight.

loriann said...

Hi Gregory, thanks for stopping by and thank you about my work!

Hi Caroline..Corot draws, writes and paints with amazing insight, I agree!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Drawing is so honest, don't you think? It shows what you know and what you don't know, how you think, how you see, and how you miss stuff. At least that's what I discover when I draw. Of course, your drawings are beautiful and sensitive!

loriann said...

Hi Kvan, you are so right...drawing don't lie and their is absolutely nothing to rely on bu your sensitivity to line and your observation skills. No color to wow the viewer. I think it is always good to spend time drawing. I must admit I have neglected it in the recent past and am trying to do a few larger drawings each week. Of course I continue with my daily thumbnails and notans, but that is so different. Thanks for your comment and kind words!