Wednesday, October 6, 2010

drive with a map, paint with a plan

After completing notans and movement drawings (see yesterday's post) the composition was decided. Now it is time to create a color plan. Without a plan you are driving without a map. Yes, we all sometimes drive w/o a map and it can be fun; but when you really want to get somewhere you take out a map.  So I consult my handy analogous color wheel.  With this particular painting I am choosing the two analogous colors: yellow and green. The complement is a reddish purple. The two discords will be used in very tiny bits, evenly. A strong painting must have a dominant color. Mine will be the golden yellow that was created as the sun crept over the trees.
The underpainting was done was close complements. It continues to grow...slowly as glazes do. The pinks keep glazing more violet. I will try to edge them more neutral.

You may buy your own analogous color wheel from Dakota- here.


Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Paint with a plan..? Wish I'd seen this post before I started my latest WIP... I think it's been every colour on the map ;) I love this yellow green you are using it really sings to me.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...


loriann said...

Thanks Lisa and Kvan...get the "wheel" I think you will love it! It even has some neutral colors.

Donna T said...

Oh, this is gorgeous! Love those colors together!

P.S. My son looked over my shoulder at yesterday's post and he is so impressed with how you came up with that beautiful composition! I think we will both be looking at the world differently now :-)

loriann said...

Hi Donna, I am delighted to hear that your son is home!
Thank you to you and your son. The colors will keep on evolving. After another layer today it still has a long way to go. patience is the key.
Thank you too about the composition. The studio is the key for seeing differently. That and the use of memory over photographs.
Enjoy your son's visit!

Brian McGurgan said...

Funny to see your analogous color wheel, Loriann - I was just rummaging around for mine yesterday. The fact that I can't find it proves I'm not making enough use of the color wheel, I suppose. Usually, I'm pretty organized so misplacing something like that is frustrating but it's bound to turn up - maybe tonight. Your painting is coming along beautifully!

Casey Klahn said...

This is a fantastic painting! There are some interesting passages that provide for moments of dissonance that I like. But, the best part is the composition, IMHO.


loriann said...

Hi Brian!
Yes, i must admit i can't imagine you losing or misplacing anything. If you don't find it, just order another for travel and one for studio (when you do find it.) Thanks about the painting!

Hi Casey, Thank you about the painting! What's IMHO?