Tuesday, October 5, 2010

making a composition

Believe it or not this painting began as my soccer/basketball field. You may seem some similarities. The idea came to me when I was on the field observing a nocturne. Darkness makes the important shapes come forward. Like a sculptor I gradually carved away at the landscape to create something pleasing. A reflective surface and distance weaving back were fabricated to make a composition with interesting values.
The focal point is in the bottom right point, according to the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is a compositional tool which shows you the sweet spots. Each time the lines intersect there is a good place for your focal point.
 Here is a tiny drawing that shows my notan and compositional lines. The lines show where the movement happens in the painting.

Later, while reading Composition and Perspective I noticed the similarities in composition to Constable's famous The Cornfield.  Not that I am saying my small painting in anyway resembles the greatness of Constable..just that there are compositional similarities. I read that Constable regarded this painting as one for his best researched works. He made studies of every detail before building it into a satisfying composition. The parts did not appear in nature in the same positions as they do in the painting. He did what all painters do, he moved things.
So painters, feel the power! Just because you see it that way doesn't mean that you paint it that way.


Casey Klahn said...

Very great post, Loriann. I love the way you reveal the simple, which is not easy!

Very revealing the way you made art from the basketball court.

Donna T said...

Unbelievable! To be able to see a good composition in a scene like that ... I need to learn to see like that!

Julie Broom said...

Great post Loriann. Very interesting to see how the work relates to compositional devices and other artists.

loriann said...

Thank you Casey, I am glad that you liked it!
So you like basketball art?

Hi Donna!
The trick is I see away from it. En plein air it's hard to make dramatic changes, at least for me. In the studio..the world is your oyster..or pearl.

Hi Julie! Thanks about the post!

Jala Pfaff said...

You have your own soccer/basketball field?? ;)

Deborah Paris said...

Feel the power, indeed! :)

Caroline said...

Great informative post here Loriann.

loriann said...

Hi Jala, I guess you could say i have my very own "personalized" soccer basketball field. ;-)

Thanks Deborah!!!!

And thank you too, Caroline!

Karen said...

Hi Loriann, I know I've asked you in the past if you almost always make the notans...and now I'm curious about the movement sketches...are those a typical part of your study before you paint? Seems like a really great thing to do...which I'm going to adopt!