Sunday, October 10, 2010

long morning shadows

8x10 pastel and watercolor on marble dust
Using a piece of rough gator board with marble dust/gesso mixture set a whole different tone for a painting about light. After weeks of smooth surfaces and glazing I decided to "shake it up." I used transparent watercolor with lots of mark action on top in the shadow grass and more opaque thick color in the light. I wanted big shapes...with interest. Checking your work in the b&w mode is a good way to see how successful/unsuccessful you were.

It has possibilities for further work.


Brian McGurgan said...

Lots of great texture and color here, Loriann, and beautifully composed. I like this one a lot!

Double "D" said...

Wow B, this has incredible color, texture, calligraphy and spontaneity. A joy to look at. Please show us more.

p.s how are you feeling?

brian eppley said...

don't touch it! a gem. Yes, the black and white value study is key. A beautiful piece is this!

loriann said...

Thank you Brian, PB and Brian!

Brian M I am a little torn about my direction.

PB, More another time...I am feeling OK.

Brian E, You are so right value studies are key.