Friday, October 1, 2010

Lynne Windsor Interview, Part Three

 two of Lynne's paintings, both oil, Los Luceros and Nuthatch with Clouds
L-From a mental standpoint how do you get ready to paint ? 

Lynne- Getting my mind ready is not a big thing. I gave up a lot when I moved here and doing art became so important to me and my survival, my solace. I didn't get back into it till I was 40 so I don't want to waste any precious time.   All I want to do is just paint. I easily put off anything else.....housework, business work, anything. My husband says I am like a terrier.
On another note I do need to get outside. I am itching to get back home and out to Scotland to paint.
I just love to paint, don't ask me to do anything else.

L-What do you listen to when you are in your studio?

Lynne- BBC Radio 4. It's what made being here easier. A little bit of the UK in New Mexico.

L-Tell us about your family.

Lynne- I have 3 grown children, Holly, Rosie and Ralph. They will be meeting me at the airport when I return to England. I miss them and I can't wait to see everyone. My Dad is there too. Last year I spent a long time with my him. He was very ill and needed my help. Now he is doing better. I think he will be coming with me on my  painting trip to Scotland.

L- What do you do for fun...besides painting?

Lynne- Besides paintings...hmmmm, I really like to go with good friends  and share a meal at a restaurant. I really do like cooking for others, although I really haven't had any time lately. I love having a few good friends over for a good English roast. I like being with friends. This year I took a RV trip to Utah. I went with 3 friends and my husband. That was fun. I also like to garden, when time allows.

L- And last, what advice would you give a fledgling artist?

Lynne- Look into yourself and try and understand what it is you want. How do you want your work to look? Know that answer.
Work, practice your art. Do not involve too many colors, use a limited palette.
Look at other people's work. If you like a certain color they have made try and mix it. Learn by doing.

One special note, Lynne is teaching a workshop in Scotland next September (2011). Be one of the lucky few to get a spot. Register NOW. I would be there if it weren't for my teaching commitments. Hopefully next time! The way Lynne describes the landscape, it is amazing and then of course you will be working with her and gathering tons of wisdom. If you go...let me know. I want to hear all about it.
Have a moment? Lynne just (moments ago) published a new website . Check it out!

PS Thanks you friends for all your encouraging emails and comments from yesterday's post. I appreciate all of your support!


Donna T said...

Thanks Loriann. Lynne's advice for fledgling artists is really good. Knowing what you want to paint and why deserves a lot of thought.

loriann said...

Hi Donna, That little nugget is golden. can't paint it if you don't have the goal in mind. Very powerful. I am glad that you enjoyed Lynne's interview.