Thursday, October 21, 2010

tree studies and quality of line

 Like a person, each tree has a distinct personality. I think we show that personality through our use of line, its quality. Varying the line between thick and thin can imply many different things, two of which are space and light.   For instance, I  chose a much darker line, at the base, where I wanted the tree grounded and coming forward. I made it lighter where the sunlight struck the edge. In addition I used  the white of the paper to imply more space. It allowed the tree to "grow." The other trees in the background fade back with weaker lines. It provides  a slight indication of space -but not too much, I kept it intimate.


Casey Klahn said...

Your tree studies are very pleasing, Loriann. Glad you post them.

loriann said...

Thanks Casey, it's part of my back to basics movement. I am glad you are enjoying them!