Sunday, November 21, 2010

bouncing light at the river

 about 6x9 pastel on somerset
The light was once again bouncing everywhere. It seems to me that because the sun remains lower in the sky during November through January there are marvelous light conditions...... especially beside my beloved river. The concept of this painting was the bouncing light and its juxtaposition against the rich land mass. I limited my palette to about 6 sticks of pastel!!! I love plein air painting at this time of year!!!


Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Sometimes your paintings and words describe a world so special and wonderful, I think that I have been watching it all in black and white and hoping some day to learn the secret handshake and become a part of the club! Light bouncing all around sounds like a wonderland! You've captured it to share with others. Thanks!

Marilyn R Miller said...

Your paintings, both in Oils and pastels, are wonderful adventures! It makes me want to simplify my compositions and concentrate of colors and textures... Thank you for sharing!

Melinda said...

This is beautifully rendered. I do get the sense of bouncing light. Really exceptional.

You're so brave to be out there working as it gets cold!

Nika said...

It looks strong and just so right...
Very well balanced, indeed. And only 6 sticks, you're a magician!
I agree about this time of year. The light seems to be more crisp and clear and everything is more voluminous. Love that!

Alina Chau said...


loriann said...

Hi Kvan, Thank you for your beautiful comment.I am humbled by your words. I am certain though, if there is a club, you are part of it. The only requirement would be to look at the world with the wonder and awe it deserves. You certainly do that. I see it in your work.

Thank you Marilyn, I appreciate your comment. I will come by and see your blog soon.

Hi Melinda! Thanks for dropping by. I always love receiving a comment from you. I don't feel brave, just obsessed by the beauty I see.

Hi Nika, The 6 sticks thing is something i try to do often, but this time I succeeded, a rare occurrence. I am usually seduced by the abundance of sticks. Thanks for dropping by!

Thank you Alina!