Monday, November 22, 2010

I yam what I yam

 6x9 pastel on somerset

Remember when Popeye said, " I yam what I yam?"

Well I yam a painter who loves to paint outside. No matter the weather... it makes me feel alive. In addition I love the mark I can make with pastels. It has an amazing connection to light -it can dance and bounce.
You probably wonder why I say all that. It's just that sometimes I need to clarify what makes ME tick and not get lost.
SO Hansel and Gretel come out of the woods.

PS Part 2 of the Deborah Paris interview!


Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Scrumptious! How do you get that lovely crispy coolness whilst using warm colours? It feels like I can hear the crunch of a frost.

Nika said...

Very alive and beautiful painting, you are what you are:)I do love your pastels for that very reason,the marks dancing.

Caroline said...

Thank goodness you awoke at 5am to save your kitten! I am so glad she is ok and helping you with your computer typing! I love the misty effect you are creating with the swirls as you paint with the pastels. Interesting use of the lilac colour. All in all a really lovely wee painting that is dancing in the early morning light. I also loved your tree in an earlier post you captured the colours perfectly.

B Boylan said...

Looks like Frosty came out to visit!
Loved Popeye when I was a child, the only TV show that brought me in from my outdoor play!

Thought: I sometimes feel very poetic/spiritual when I'm plein air full of joy, there is nothing like it, By the looks of your work it's obvious you feel it too! Paint on my blogger friend! :)

loriann said...

Hi Lisa! I guess I am just lucky! It was a beautiful morning! Thanks for your comment.

Hi Nika, You love marks as well, I know from your beautiful work. Thank you about the painting!

Hi Caroline,
Little Luchi is doing just if it never happened. She is helping me type right now!
Thanks about the paintings. I really do become inspired when i am outdoors.

Hi Brenda, You are right, there IS nothing like being out there painting. try as I may I never seem to get the studio to feel that way. How about you?

Brian McGurgan said...

Gorgeous work, Loriann - I like the soft color and the temperature contrasts. My wife Kyoko enjoyed seeing the pictures of the kittens, too!

loriann said...

Thank you Brian and a big meow to Kyoko! The kittens are soooooo cute. It is hard keeping them out of the studio, they dart in every time I open the door!

SamArtDog said...

I loved this post. You made me laugh hard. Popeye, that Great Existentialist; Nietzsche had nuthin' on him!

You is what you is, and the world is a better place for it.

barbara heile art said...

wow! i love the Tonalists!

and your inspiring words awoke in me the same,
i yam what i yam!

i wish i could be a tonalist she says!
i am looking for me.
i painted outdoors for over ten years and loved it. and something else is calling me now- due to a move where the landscape i loved is no longer right outside my door, everywhere i drove, my home.

now i look outside the window at a new landscape. i draw.

i don't know. yet, what it will all come to this time.
but your blog has inspired me to stay the course and find out.

B Boylan said...

There is nothing that can compare to working en plein air IMHO. The studio is just a place to wait until the weather is drier and warmer. It's one of the disadvantages to living in the beautiful NW! But you are coming back to paint here in the summer, are you not?