Thursday, November 18, 2010

layer upon layer, finished- last moments of light

Finished version

Here is the comparison. As you can see I altered the shapes of the grasses and added glow to the part of the trees and water that would be enveloped by the last rays of sunlight.I must say I love the last days of working on a painting. In the beginning it is just all possibility. As time goes on it begins to show its own personality. Like children, all the work that you do on the front end hopefully pays off as it matures.
one month ago


Frangipan said...

A bit Turneresque. Do you like the artist Maggi Hambling? You should take a look at my post here;

loriann said...

Hi Frangipan, I never would of thought that...interesting. Thanks for the link..loved the colors in the waves.

Caroline said...

It is interesting to see the recent posts on your blog Loriann. The build up of the paintings is so interesting especially the change in the painting posted here today that shows a change from cool to warmer tones. Such lovely work thanks for sharing.

loriann said...

Thanks Caroline...the learning curve is very long..and wide. I appreciate your support!