Friday, November 19, 2010

start with your concept/ diffused golden light

8x8 pastel on toned uart
November in the Mid-Atlantic is a beautiful time. Small touches of orange and gold, diffused light, subtle grays..ahhh! Diffused light makes the light and color bounce. It makes shadows soft and grays color filled.  Because light changes so quickly at the transitional times of day I had to simplify my scene- which was an old apple orchard. Choices.
Detail is never the artist's friend, instead essence is far more important. Since I always start with a concept I know what I am aiming for...what is the essence I want. Without that you just wander. I knew that I wanted a softness of light and an golden connection. The gold played itself out as pinks in shadow, as white gold in the sky and in oranger gold in the tree and warmed parts of the ground.

On a separate note...this morning I woke up at 5 so that I could paint the twilight. When I went to check on the kittens I noticed that Luchianna (Luchi) was making funny noises with her throat and pawing at her mouth. I could see anything inside, but knew something was wrong. She and I left for the all night emergency care and the vet took out a 3/4 inch piece of wicker in the top of her throat!
She wanted me to write about her adventure. She is feeling fine now.


Donna T said...

I'm so glad your little one is OK, Loriann. I hope she has learned that wicker is not good for her!

Thanks for the reminder to stick with our original concept when painting, plein air or otherwise. Your orchard painting is really nice; the color harmony is exquisite!

SamArtDog said...

In my experience, the definition of a pet is a dependent animal who only has gets ill A) in the middle of the night, or B) on the weekend. Emergency vets must be A) angels and B) rich.

Luchi probably doesn't even have a sore throat.

B Boylan said...

Loriann, your work continues to inspire me, your growth is immensely apparent in these glowing pieces so full or color. Yummy!

I'm glad Luchi is better. It's never fun to see an animal suffer. Does she help in the studio, sitting on your keyboard or pastel palette? Mine do!

loriann said...

Hi Donna, Luchi and I appreciate your concern. As for learning..???? I am not sure.
Thanks about the painting. I broke one of my rules and used many many many colors to make those grays...maybe they are richer because of it...or more confusing.

Hi Sam...haha..Paul liked your definitions as well. One amazing thing this time the vet did not charge me. i think they felt compassion toward this tiny kitten (and her crazy human) in the early morning. And no I don't think Luchi has a sore throat!

Hi Brenda..thank you so much. it means alot coming from you!
Luchi is much better..flying all over the house. As of yet I do not allow her in the studio- both kittens put everything in their mouths. Only Kins( the black cat) comes in the studio...she is my muse.

Jala Pfaff said...

Glad the little one is OK! They get into mischief right and left, don't they? It's a good thing cats have nine lives.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

What a sweetie Pie! Glad to hear she recovered OK. Is she a blue Birman?

Lovely luminous colours in your painting.

loriann said...

Hi Jala and Katherine! She is a rascal through and cute! I suppose she used one of her lives..I think this cutie was born with extras to match her personality.
Katherine- she is a rescue kitty who, to my knowledge has some snowshoe siamese and plenty of wonder in her! We feel blessed!