Monday, November 29, 2010

sky- sunrise, cape may

6x9 pastel on somerset
In Cape May this weekend I  was mesmerized by the morning sky over the ocean....not the ocean but the endless sky.  The sand completely absorbed the colors of the cloud's pink light. Keeping in mind that skies are simply vapor, the edges are loose and the yellow gold glow from behind finds its way through in many places. The one darker area in the cloud was necessary to create deeper space.


Bob Lafond said...

Cape May in November! You know that Cape May is in New Jersey? Beautiful morning sky.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

It's beautiful! You don't really associate so much beauty with New Jersey, do you? The sky feels like it's out there a ways but also up and over my head. Love it.

Katherine Kean said...

A lovely horizon and sense of space.

I've really enjoyed your interviews too! Thanks for those - you ask all the right questions.

Gregory Becker said...

Beautiful painting. What are those numbers to the right.

loriann said...

Hi Bob, Yep, that tiny tip of NJ is Cape May. I take the ferry from Lewes and it makes a wonderful trip. Each year we meet my husband's family there for Thanksgiving. It's a fun time.

Hi Kvan, Thanks..yes you are right NJ has a bad rap, but it's really a beautiful state.

Hi Katherine,
Thank you about the painting. I am delighted that you are enjoying the interviews. I love speaking with all these fascinating artists! Keep tuned for the last part of
Deborah's interview!

Hi Gregory!
Thank you. the numbers to the right are letters. I believe it says somerset...the name of the name I used. I normally try not to use that piece of the paper, but it was all I had!

Caroline said...

The colours of your seascape are just beautiful I also love the simplicity of the composition as the viewer is lead towards that amazing cloud formation. Best of all there is no snow in this scene! We are still snowed in here!