Tuesday, November 30, 2010

what if and other things

5x7 pastel study
Early morning again, done on my way to school. I noticed a small piece of land wedged between homes. The light was fascinating. Sticking to a triad of secondaries; purple, green and orange, in uneven amounts, the landscape carved itself out. A tiny bit of frost and a somewhat weak gold light made a November landscape with a tiny bit of mystery.
I don't know if I have mentioned  that I teach "art"part time, young children. One thing about teaching young children is it keeps your mind WIDE open. There really isn't a right way: there are many right ways. A young child approaches her/his work with a wonder....... what if I do this? or this instead? I approach my work the same way. I am fortunate to have the job I have. Yes, many days I long to not have any other constraints on my painting time, but mostly I am grateful to have a teaching position I like and a daily schedule which includes at least 6 hours of studio time. Lucky me.


SamArtDog said...

Lucky kids!

I used to teach art to kids in a Headstart program. Their favorite medium was wonder.

loriann said...

I didn't know that Sam! I like when you say that their favorite medium is wonder. I agree fully!

Caroline said...

I tutor watercolour beginners classes twice a week for adults, it is so interesting there is always so much for me to share and for me to also learn from my students. It is a lovely balance to tutor and to study too I am constantly learning in my studio too. How wonderful that you tutor very young children do you find that they are fearless and are able to experiment or are they trying to control how their painting turns out? my adults students do find it difficult to let go and let the paint flow and surprise them!

Celeste Bergin said...

when I worked with youngsters, I used to just give them materials and let them teach me! haha...Your purple, green and orange painting here is delicious. I love how you never over describe--it's just the right amount of mystery

B Boylan said...

Hi Loriann,

When I first saw this on my dashboard, I thought "how romantic"! It sure is a very romantic piece...so full of calm.

I didn't know you teach kids art!? I do too and haven't told many of it! I love it when you can hear their creative gears going! I'm so glad at the end of class after hearing all the laughter and giggles and comments of accomplishment, it puts a wiggle in my step! Ya gotta love it!

loriann said...

I Caroline, you are so right that we learn from our students. It is their amazing openness to the process which helps me. Always ask questions. In general the very young child is not absorbed in perfection. In fact I have one child, a 5 year old, that did a beautiful tree paintings (24x36) it was completed from her plein air sketch which we projected onto a paper and she traced her own lines. Next she painted the tree. beautiful. She came back the next day and totally painted over the whole thing. The third day she returned and painted over that. Each day she is anew. Reminds me of deKooning. I love being with them!

Hi Celeste!You are right they will teach us if we listen and watch. Thank you about this painting!

Hi Brenda, You too, eh? It's a great job!
Glad you like the piece too.