Saturday, February 5, 2011

early evening, bittersweet autumn and memory

Stored memories can be even more powerful. Time acts like a huge colander so that only that one idea, the one that drew you to be transfixed, remains. To quote more Carlson, " The memory exaggerates the essentials; the trifles of incidents tend to become blurred...Until mastery of memory is reached, the brain refuses to act as a filter. "
This is remembered from one of my fields by Lake Needwood. I paint there often. One time after placing my plein air equipment to the car I looked back and saw this. My jaw dropped. Thankfully I had no camera and had the sense just to watch. It came back to me last night in bed, at least 3 months later. All day long I let it take shape in my brain. Usually I never stay still. My friends who know me know I am called "the hamster" as I am in constant motion ( as in on the wheel.) One good thing I must say about this surgery (and its long recovery) is it has slowed me down to a crawl..maybe even slower than a crawl. Now I sit and think. And then I sit some more and think more.  I feel grateful all the time.  Being quiet and thinking about gratitude brings wonder.
On another note, thank you to all you brave folks who have sent me your memory paintings. I will post on Thursday (February 10)...That leaves time for more folks to try.
Thankfully yours,


SamArtDog said...

O Great Hamster Yogi--
I'm trying to do a memory painting, but I keep forgetting where I am. I'll keep trying.

Lake Needwood is as beautiful as always.

loriann said...

You always know the way to make me laugh...and even though that hurts I appreciate it so much! heehee
Remember to see the entire thing inside your head before leaving the scene. It will stay. You Know and You Feel. What more could a woman artist want? The essence will remain.

Brian McGurgan said...

Beautiful painting, Loriann, and all the more so because of that powerfully distilled memory you had of this moment. I love the suggestion of the lake's surface there in the darkness at the bottom of the painting - very nice.

loriann said...

Hi Brian, At first I did not understand how Inness could wait so long after experiencing his motivation before painting. (I am so impulsive.) I am beginning to see the wisdom in it. Slow learner.