Friday, February 4, 2011

memory marches on

6x9 pastel on somerset
Thank you everyone for all of your comments regarding memory painting and a big thanks to those wiling to take the plunge. I received one jpg already! If you send me your jpeg please let me know if it's OK to post your painting here. It's interesting to hear your ideas about readiness, articulation, where memories come from, how long they last and influence. I received many thought provoking emails as well. Maybe tomorrow I will write more about it.

For now I will share with you another memory painting from my field. Paul and I took the slow walk out there 2 nights ago, sunset.  The winter sky greens are different, especially at sunset. I played the memory game and now Paul is actively correcting me. I love it. Even he, a scientist/researcher, is seeing more and differently.
I hope you aren't getting sick of my sunset fields. I don't think I will ever tire of creating them.

I move on with another quote from Carlson:
"We must not imitate the externals of nature with so much fidelity that the picture fails to evoke that wonderful teasing recurrence of emotion that marks the contemplation of a work of art."


Caroline said...

I really love the colours in this Loriann, the deep purple, the reds, and those chalky blues almost a turquoise or is it my screen! There is so much happening with the colour in this painting, it is simply fascinating. Is this the playing field you are standing on, amazing it looks a magical place. Yes you can use my memory image if you received it ok.

loriann said...

Hi Caroline, you are right it is the soccer field near my home. When I visualize this place I try to make it the magical place I feel.
Thanks for permission to post your painting. I will wait till I hopefully receive a few others.
Thanks about the colors..I was just trying to make the greenish/yellow glow that came from behind.

Ulrike Miesen-Schürmann said...

Hi Loriann,
I'm very impressed by your memory. I've just finished reading Carlson's guide. It is very inspiring, but I'm still struggeling with my memory.
You paintings seems so easily flying onto the ground. It's great that you're so productive and recovering at the same time. O:-)

Brian McGurgan said...

It's hard to imagine getting tired of your sunset fields, Loriann. Each impression you post is so different and it's fascinating to see where you go from painting to painting. The intensity of color is amazing here. It's great that you have company for these memory games.

Casey Klahn said...

Keep going. You have an electrifying discussion going, and I am the beneficiary.

Maybe I'd better dig out that Carlson book...

Anonymous said...

This painting sings a a beautiful song. The rich
red violet, the blues of the trees and that spot of orange! The sky is a tapestry of yellows and blue
violets. Loriann this is a painting that is much larger than 6x9


Anonymous said...

Loriann- if I can make a suggestion as to what the title of this painting could be - I think that the title of your blog entry- Memory Marches On is a perfect fit. The more I kept looking at the painting and the more that I thought of that title -it makes a perfect fit


loriann said...

Thank you Ulrike! Memory takes time and trust. Relax and try to allow both to happen. Most of all remember why you paint and all will be good. cheers!

Hi Brian,
Thank you, I am glad to hear one person will not tire of them. Have you played the memory games with your wife? I really appreciate all your support my friend!

Hi Casey, I guess it's time to dig it out and enjoy.

Thanks NJ...maybe I will use it as the title!