Monday, February 21, 2011

the importance of value and Inness show opens

pastel on BFK
I am trying to push myself to ALWAYS do a value piece before continuing on to a bigger studio painting. Always ...haha. That's a high bar. This is a study on cream BFK, which turned out to be too slipper. I much prefer the Somerset on which I have been working.
On another note,  a couple days ago a wonderful exhibit "George Inness in Italy" opened at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I have been waiting for this show to open and can not wait until I am able to go see it. Here is the link.
Sneak peak- Here is an excerpt from the review:
George Inness in Italy presents ten oil paintings surveying Inness’s Italian subjects dating from 1850 to 1879. A highlight of the exhibition is Twilight on the Campagna (c. 1851), Inness’s first major work completed in Italy. Recently conserved, the painting has not been on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art since 1952. Its reemergence and restoration—precipitated by a comprehensive publication, or catalogue raisonnĂ©, of Inness’s entire body of work issued in 2007—constitutes a significant rediscovery.
Inness- twilight on campagna


Maggie Latham said...

HI Loriann, Love this value sketch. I’ve some essays/blog posts about Inness in the pipeline for my blog…. but have never seen a real painting in the flesh. If you manage to see the show, you must give us a full report.

loriann said...

I look forward to reading your Inness posts. I feel fortunate to live we I do as there are so many Inness paintings here in the many museums. My absolute favorite is at the Corcoran Museum of Art and it's huge!Sunset in the Woods- absolutely breath-taking. I stand and drool, just hoping nobody will notice.Maybe one day I will have to give a tour via my blog. I can't wait for the works i have never seen at the Philadelphia Museum.

Kathrin said...

Oh, this is wonderful!

Donna T said...

Beautiful, beautiful work, Loriann!

loriann said...

Thank you Kathrin and thanks for visiting my blog!

Thanks Donna..let's see here it goes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann,
I love the sense of space and light in this painting!
The Montclair Museum of Art is not that far from where I live. The museum has a room dedicated to the paintings of George Inness. Viewing his paintings are a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. He is one of the best American landscape painters.


loriann said...

Hi NJ, Maybe I will make it a fun trip when I am cleared to drive! Philadelphia and Montclair. I am thinking maybe the end of March. I am looking forward to it already.
Thanks about this work!

Caroline said...

That Innes painting is just incredibly beautiful isn't it I can see now why you are so dedicated to his work. I look forward to your tour of his work Loriann. Your painting is a breath of fresh air on a cold river at dawn, just lovely.

Lisa McShane said...

Love the Inness painting - I sure would like to see this exhibit! And I really like the value piece :)