Monday, March 21, 2011

peregrine moon..super moon

5x10 pastel and watercolor on Uart
The "super moon", the largest moon since 1993 played a starring role in the sky on Saturday night. We were playing cards at our good friend/neighbor's home and we left the game to go watch the moon. Large, glowing, hanging it took over the sky.  The colors of the sky changed each time I looked and memorized. Later in the eve it was violet, earlier there was an orange glow. You will see more of these as I process the experience in pastel...and maybe later paint.
Of course, I didn't take the street may need work if this grows to a painting. Memory will be my tool.


Sharon said...

Yes, Saturday night's moon was amazing! Love your description,it was so true to that. Constantly changing, color to color and I noticed that the shadows cast from it's light were also wonderful. I just found your site from Cerulean's list and had to drop by. You have some really beautiful work here.

Donna T said...

I was hoping you would paint the super moon, Loriann. It sure did take over the sky. I like this painting a lot!

SamArtDog said...

You prove the hand of the artist is better than the eye of the camera. Beautiful!

loriann said...

Hi Sharona and welcome to my blog! Thanks for all your kind words. The supermoon was a sort of obsession. My friend Leah and I always love the moon and celebrate "blue moons." the super moon was simply amazing-BIG and colorful . I think I will do a number of studies with it...not sure where it will lead. I will be certain to drop over to your site when time allows!

Hi Donna! Thanks about the painting. How could I not paint that moon? It continues to be on my mind.

Hi Sam!!Thanks so much..I do try!

Sharon said...

Hi Loriann, dropped by again to see your new "morning moonset" - and saw your comment. I get it!I've always had a "Moon Thing" too! I really like your work and obviously will be watching for any "new moons"!