Saturday, March 19, 2011

new paper trial- colorfix suede

Another pastel possibility. I am experimenting with the intensity of the underpainting and what I can do with smoothing and texture. While I experiment for the fun of it I also create them as explorations for later oils. While head thinking an oil I want to know the possibilities of new underpainting.  In a way the pastel is a shortcut as it would take much longer to do the research with oil.
In addition this is a new paper. The people at Dakota Pastels sent me a piece of Colourfix Suede.  I like this paper and I am really fussy about paper. It takes the watercolor quite well and the taped paper didn't buckle a bit. In addition after the watercolor had dried it was easy to smooth the pastel with a finger.  A perfect mix of smooth and  rough the suede has  enough texture so that the pastel will rest on top and vibrate with the underpainting.
Here is what Dakota says,

Art Spectrum has added a new line of paper with a less abrasive surface to its family of archival quality pastel papers. The surface of Colourfix Suede is smoother or softer to the touch than the original Colourfix, so is gentler on fingers and tools, yet still holds layers of pastel. It works particularly well with PanPastel and Sofft Tools. The Suede is produced on a heavier weight (500gm) hot press watercolor paper for more rigidity. The surface coating also goes to the edge of the paper to help distinguish it from the original. Colourfix is available in eight colors - six new colors, black and white. The Rainbow Packs have the six colors plus two each of black and white.
We offer a sampler containing one 9 x 12" sheet of each of the 8 colors.
It's on sale at Dakota. Here is the link.


Sara Mathewson said...

I like this painting. Thanks for weighing in on the Colorfix suede paper. I have been thinking about trying it. so many papers, so little time. Is it anything like pastelmat? I like that paper. Pastel sticks to it like glue. It is difficult to remove it though from pastelmat. I like a variety of papers. I decided to order some Rives BFK, and Somerset Velvet to give them a try. Looking for different surfaces for different kinds of applications.
i love Wallis,
Uart, Colorfix, Pastelmat, Richeson, Pastelbord. They are all good:)


loriann said...

Hi Sara,
Good questions. Colourfix accepts the watercolor like pastelmat, but it is much easier to move the pastel once me that it the downfall of Pastelmat. I love Wallis when it is having a good day, but don't like its unreliability. Uart is my fave, consistent, although I would prefer white...that is why I use Chinese white with watercolor underneath the pastel. Every paper has its pluses and minuses. Enjoy your paper ride!

Bob Lafond said...

Loriann, I have started using the Colourfix suede paper. I think it's terrific, and I might stick with this one. Thanks.


Caroline said...

Some nice colours there Loriann, looks like this paper is good for you!

loriann said...

Hi Bob, so you like colourfix? When did you begin using it?

Hi Caroline, Thanks...we will see. I will definitely buy some more.