Sunday, March 27, 2011

reducing shapes, less is more

9x9 pastel and watercolor
The details in anything often times complete the presence, but it is the idea or feeling that makes it. As Paul and I have been "hunting" for a possible new home we notice it over and over. It is the same with paintings. More idea and details just where you want the viewer to look...that's it. With the idea of simplifying the land masses into readable yet not "tell all tabloid type, information-filled, forms" I tried to convey more with less. I feel this is my direction.  There is much power in the mystery of that direction, still with the color I love.
PS I hope to be building a new studio soon. Have you built your own studio? If so please contact me and tell me more!


Leah said...


Casey Klahn said...

I'm with you on the simplicity idea. So hard to pull off - look how well you did here.

And, I'm like you, designing a new studio in my mind. I have the sight, and the vision. What next?

Donna T said...

Please continue to share your thoughts on the "less is more" concept. It is my main struggle. This one is just right. I wish you good luck with house hunting. I've heard the market in your area is good. If we can't sell our house this time around I am going to find a chicken coop or any other little building that can be moved here and made into a studio.

Sonya Johnson said...

Beautifully done, Loriann!

SamArtDog said...

This painting is lovely. Though you whispered, we can hear it perfectly.

loriann said...

Thanks Leah!

Hey Casey, I do know that you seek simplicity as well. Feel like I will always seek it yet lean in the other direction.
As for the studio, there are many options. It is all about cost.

Hi Donna,
I will share thoughts as they come and have clarity. As for moving, I prefer not to move. We have wonderful neighbors, a good location (a few miles outside the city.) and the field next door. The only thing that would get me to move is finding the perfect house near the river or lake....but that is hardly cost effective.
Good luck with the chicken coop.

Thanks Sonya!

Thanks Sam! You are wonderful with words.."a whisper." I hope that I can whisper more often.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

The power of mystery -- how a hint or suggestion is so much more interesting than a fully factual statement or too much information. Maybe that explains the success of lingerie boutiques -- adding to the suggestion and hints without revealing everything!

Jala Pfaff said...

Love the simplicity.

loriann said...

Hi Kvan- great way to describe it! Lingerie paintings.

Hi Jala! I am trying. Thanks!

Double "D" said...

Hi b
Ohh, I like this very much.

Ah. Less is more@!!!
Now if can keep that in an accessible place
Me wee little brain till I'm back home I'll be able totry it. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorrian,
There is a wonderful quality of light present in this
painting. The combination of watercolor and pastel
works together beautifully. The palette is very succinct which also adds to the beautiful feeling of it being a new day. I like the balance between the larger red shape on the left and the orange on the left.

Building a studio? I am constantly thinking of my ideal studio but I am doing what I can with the space that I now have. Perhaps you can repurpose one or two of the rooms in your home to create a newer studio space. I have read of some artists in which the entire house has become their studio. You could also consider using one of those storage barns as a three season studio. Running electricity to it would give you lights and you could install a ceiling fan. Repurposing one of those would give you a dry quiet space in which to work until winter.
I assume that you would have to get permits to build one and maybe it could be insulated for the winter-just add one of those electric stoves? That would help with those damp summer days. Since you do not work with acrylics you do not have to worry about paint freezing-just take your watercolors back inside when it gets really cold. The main points to consider would be:
1} Making sure that is dry inside
2}Making sure that humidity does not build up
3} Making sure that it can be secured
4} Having light and ventilation, for you and the structure itself, beyond keeping the doors open-you may have to install a window for those days when it rains and you need just a bit of fresh air coming in.

If I remember correctly there are small structures other than those storage barns that can be purchased and erected on your property
I saw something somewhere on the internet. about such buildings. Also if you do not mind doing so you can always turn your garage into a studio but given the fact that clearing snow/ice, bird poop ,etc off the car is not fun this may be not be a great idea. The big issue with some sort of outside structure is that your feline friends may not be able to join you because they would have to venture outside to get there.

Building an addition is expensive and tricky-just try to find an honest competent contractor. Watching Holmes On Homes & Holmes Inspection on HGTV -I shudder thinking of what some of these home owners have gone through before Mike and his crew arrived to fix the problem{s}


Brian McGurgan said...

Hi, Loriann - I love the soft suggestiveness of this painting. Less certainly is more... I'm enjoying catching up on all your posts after a very busy week or two here.