Monday, March 14, 2011

symbolic crossroads and the hamster wheel

6x9 pastel and watercolor on Uart
This is one for my studies for the long oil. Each time I try different ways to get the vision in my head I discover new possibilities. I have found that doing my study paintings in pastel makes painting the oil easier. I play with different underpaintings and color possibilities. This possibility was taken from last night's sunset on the field. Granted it is a soccer field and has no water, but that didn't matter.

As I thought about the symbolic crossroads I have reached in my life I needed to ponder more about the differences during this "time away from life" that I have experienced for the last 3 months. When immersed in my regular life I was constantly processing and multi-tasking. During this time of recovery my time slowed down to a wonderful standstill. It was as if I was at Walden Pond, alone. There were no real expectations of me, except to heal. Very different from life, eh? I lived in my head for the first month and painted from my bed. My ideas grew because they had NO competition for my attention.  I have learned to trust my head and crave silence. I want less activities staking claim to my mind. Yet, still I am not a hermit, and truly love my husband, family and friends. As I prepare to enter my life again I wonder how do I create that environment in this crazy hamster wheel I call life? That is the challenge we all face each day. But, for me, having a glimpse of sanity makes me want more.


Nika said...

Having glimpses of sanity every now and then is important:) I believe that you will find what you're looking for now that you know what it is.

SamArtDog said...

These last posts have been great. It's a wonderful thing listening to your "inner spection".

Right when we think we have it all sussed out, life has a way of changing who we are. When I was a kid, no one told me that would happen. Oh well... I wouldn't have believed 'em anyway.

Cathy de Lorimier said...

I wonder if it really takes a big event like this to shake us up and help us appreciate what we've got? Making the time to become more centered each day (through meditation, walking, prayer, whatever means) is so important. When we are centered, it helps us to weather the crazy ups and downs as they are thrust upon us.
BTY, your color study makes me feel peaceful!

Caroline said...

We become our thoughts. I hope you hold onto that special quiet time you speak of. Beautiful work it is serene.

B Boylan said...


What a wonderful post. I love your transparency! A few years back a terrible event happened in my family and it shook me up pretty bad. These events, what ever they may be in one's life, (your surgery) are necessary transformations that only help us to 'see' better our purpose in life. Slowing down is awesome. :)

Double "D" said...

You are such a wonderful example and teacher.
Love this piece ... I'll take it! Although I'm broke after this trip to Sedona.

Donna T said...

It sounds like you have a very clear idea of what your priorities are, Loriann. We all know the hamster wheel will spin again but this time you will be more in control of the speed!

Kim McCutcheon said...

What a wonderful post. Have you ever tried meditation? Even though painting is meditation. I find that it helps to meditate before I paint. That's where I find my little bit of sanity every day.

loriann said...

You are so right! There is hope once you see it. It's amazing how something so traumatic has to happen for m to see. Glad I have the chance.

Hi Sam,
Thank you about the posts. Life sure does take us on a trip!

Hi Cathy,
It took this kind of event for me. I always thought I was centered. I do my walking meditation and yoga each day. For years I would go to an ashram for a week...nothing did it like this kick in the pants! Thanks about the wee color study.

Hi Caroline, Well put.."we become our thoughts."

Hi Brenda!
It's strange how its often these kinds of happenings that make us "see." Slowing down is awesome.

loriann said...

Hi PB... An example of learning I guess! Thank you about the piece. Keep enjoying Sedona...wish I were there!

Hi Donna.
I like least I will be in control of the wheel's speed. Thanks!

Hi Kim!
Yes I have tried meditation,I prefer walking meditation and yoga which i have done since I was 16! Still I must be a pretty thick least the cracks let the sanity in! In the past I found that my best painting decisions were made while walking. Actually all of my best decisions were made while walking. Hmmmmmmm. Thanks for your helpful comment!

Kim McCutcheon said...

I think we are all work in progress. I'm a runner and I agree many of my best decisions are made while I'm moving. I guess I was thinking that you just went through an extended meditation.

loriann said...

Hi Kim, an extended (long overdue) meditation, I like that. I run least, I will again soon. Especially when I run alone, so much happens inside. Don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorriann,
I am enjoying your small studies and how you suggest the landscape with just a stroke of the pastel. I think that as you continue to move forward that for yourself finding the center will happen. I can see from the last few months how you have re-connected with your art and gone beyond where you where before the operation. You had come to a detour ,the operation,and successfully navigated through it.

Adam Cope said...

Hello Loriann
Long time, no chat :-)
Sorry to hear that you've not been well. carry on healing & hold onto that wise calm like a load-stone to 'refind the north' as the french say.

i believe more & more than multi-tasking is merely distraction. Uni-tasking... ahhhhh, relief :-)

yr creations r lovely as per normal.