Wednesday, April 27, 2011

angles of the sun and how they relate to painting

Did you ever wonder why the winter light is so much more exciting? Well  just look at this chart and you will's the amount of time we enjoy long shadows and interesting angles.
I found this chart in a gardening book and it demonstrates fully what I mean. It's the same reason why we painters love sunrise and sunset.  When the sun is low on its arc,  as in the time from 3pm to 8am in winter or much less so from 7pm-7am in summer, the foreground is a darker and the upright trees have this incredible glow of light.  The pleasures of side lighting and back lighting abound! Long shadows, beautiful color and details! Long live winter and the transitional times!
 The least favorite time of most painters his high noon. This is when all the colors wash out and the landscape becomes FLAT!  This "top lighting" makes tiny shadows and uninteresting landscape. The ground plane is flooded with light and even the upright trees and structures are not the darks we typically count on to help make interesting pictures.

That's it for a health update. I have received numerous emails inquiring about my health. Thank you everyone for your support and concern through this challenging time. I am working up to full health, but that takes a lot of work. Between constant physical therapy appointments (2hour including travel), doctors appointments and all the walking I am supposed to do to increase my lung capacity I am exhausted. Still I am teaching part time and trying to paint full time (harder to do). Good news, I am finally able to paint at the easel for short periods of time (YAY!) and when tired  I place the painting on the floor. The best part is I am forgetting about any limitations and pushing forward. I feel fortunate to have my health back and will make it through the long recovery.
The health related appointments have often taken away my morning plein air time (whaa), yet I continue to work on bigger works in the studio. Posting on my blog has been a little less I realize...soon I will be back completely!
A big thank you to you, my blogger friends!!!!


SamArtDog said...

Thanks for the health update. Your persistance continues to inspire all of us. You are our muse. On a good day, you're a downright diva!

It will take time, so take your time. But like the angles of the sun, the changes are sure, and like the arc of time itself, you will find a way to continue producing your amazing art, as sure as the sun will traverse the heavens. You are, after all, a force of nature.

Celeste Bergin said...

how did I miss this health thing? Well, whatever the trouble...I certainly send you well wishes! No one would ever know from the look of your beautiful ("flowing") paintings that you have health challenges.

Our art group would always have breakfast and then go out for painting...but we didn't start soon enough and many paintings during that first year were painted at noon. Ugh! What a boring painting noon makes! We've learned our lesson and just have breakfast or paint but not both. (Unless we get up like at 5am!)

Stinson Fine Art said...

As a contrarian I love the flattened shapes you get at noon. Not as much as the twilight landscape but a close second.

Heal at your own pace.

loriann said...

Thanks Sam..a force of nature?????

Hi Celeste,
The health thing was the removal of a big piece of my right lung. it happened in January. My creating helps me heal. Thanks for all your kind words.

Has your group ever tried painting at 6am and going for brunch at 11?

Hi John,
I am delighted someone likes noon. You do beautiful work then. That's when I eat or run errands.
PS It's good to have a contrarian in our mist.
PPS.thanks for the healing thoughts. I am a little inpatient at this point.

Donna T said...

Oh yes, a force of nature and a diva to be reckoned with! Physical therapy is exhausting - I don't know how you do it and continue to paint ... and work and blog! I hope the blog is lowest on your priority list, Loriann. We will wait patiently if you need a break. Your posts are worth waiting for!

Sheila Vaughan said...

Good to hear your positive thoughts regarding your recovery. Have you seen the Frida Khalo film or read her life story? She overcame so much personal physical difficulty, so great was her determination to paint.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Wow Loriann, thank you for this series of posts. They make really interesting reading - there's much to think about.

Great news on the health front I'm glad that you are feeling so much better. (you did make me chuckle, '..when tired I place the painting on the floor.') I think Sam summed it up pretty well, you are a force of nature.

Jane Hunt said...

Loriann, I didn't realize you'd been going through all this - I'm so sorry! Still, you have a great attitude to your recovery and I'm sure that helps greatly with your healing. Wishing you continued improvement...

Enjoying your posts about lighting - lots of food for thought - thanks for sharing!

B Boylan said...

Sometimes a little graphical illustration makes all the more sense. Thanks for that.
I'm glad to hear of your health progress too. You've come a long way. I like Stinsons' note: Heal at your own pace. :)

Casey Klahn said...

I am very happy that things are progressing with your health. PT is a time consuming thing, and the good thing is you are a compliant patient. Good on ya!

Soon, you will be all better and you'll wonder how it happened.

loriann said...

Hi Donna!! A force of nature, eh? Thanks for your understanding and support. Thank you too for your kind words about my posts! For the first time ever I actually feel tired...but not too tired to think maybe we should meet for some plein air painting.

Hi Sheila,
Yes, I have seen the movie about Frida and read one biography...fascinating, inspiring woman! Talk about determination!!!!

Hi Lisa!
I am glad you are enjoying these posts ..they actually make me think and sort out what I know. Thanks for your well wishes!

loriann said...

Hi Jane!
It's fine that you didn't's all about the painting, but once and awhile life sneaks in! Thanks for being a regular viewer and commenter.I am delighted that you enjoy my recent posts!

Hi Brenda!
I agree with you. The graphic illustration just hit me over the head. Thanks about the healing..I am a just bit impatient at this point!

Hi Casey!
You are so right..PT is so time consuming...I can't wait till I wonder how it happened. My husband Paul keeps reminding me of my many milestones.....they just keep coming!

Sarah Bachhuber Peroutka said...

I have admired your art from afar for a long time, and you as a person since learning of your health challenges. Selfishly, I was relieved to learn that your lung problems were NOT the result of inhaling pastel dust!! Thank you for being "real" with us and teaching us through your art practice and your life management what it means to embrace challenge, be present and patient, and to strive for excellence.

loriann said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for commenting and coming out. Your comment made my day!
Pastels are wonderful and addictive. All you have to do is carefully plan your studio and working habits. I looked at your profile and see that you are a pastelist, but I couldn't see your work. Where might I see it? Thanks again!

Adam Cope said...

best wishes loriann :-)

loriann said...

thank you adam!