Tuesday, April 26, 2011

what kind of light are you painting?

6:30 am

12 noon

late aftenoon
about 6pm

right after sunset
early evening

The color of light changes gradually during the day, with the most dramatic changes at sunset and twilight. In the early morning you will see a lemon yellow (cooler) light. As the time increases the warmth of the light also increases; a warmer yellow to a sort of yellow ochre in the mid day sun. Sunset time has more reds and oranges and gradually when evening falls the color moves from magenta to violet. Early evening becomes very cool again flaunting deep blues with greenish horizons and later those blues edge to black. Keep in mind these colors show like this on sunny days. The light is very different on an overcast day.
I have posted a few from the same site different times.
What are your ideas about the color of light throughout the day?

Where light originates and how the angle of the sun changes throughout the day and even more importantly, the seasons, will have to be saved for another post. Back to the studio!


Double "D" said...

Hi B,
The color of light has always been a challenge for me.
These examples are very helpful to me. I need simple examples and these are great. Another problem is I'm not an early riser unless I'm going fishing so I'm seldom awake enough to even think about painting at that time of day. Retiree's seldom set alarms. lol.

All of the paintings you've used are wonderful examples of the color of light. Thanks for sharing this great information.

Jane Hunt said...

Great to see these beautiful examples. I sketch and photograph references at all different times of day and then paint in my studio later. I have to admit I change the color of light sometimes to fit the piece and am not always true to the reality of the lighting. Might be different if I painted plein air....

Casey Klahn said...

What a cool set of illustrations to make your point. Delicious.

Donna T said...

Wow, such beautiful examples and so helpful to study too. Noon is the worst light for me. The sun is kind of washed out so the light is ho-hum, no definite yellow cast. Mostly I miss the strong shadows and the fact that when things are lit from abouve it's much harder to discern their shapes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann,
What an exciting collection of landscapes that you have posted. I enjoyed them all - 6: 30 A.M., Right after Sunset & Early Evening are among my favorites for they have this wonderful sense of place. One of the best times of day is late afternoon in October during peak foliage. I remember many years ago when I was in Vermont. I had driven over to New Hampshire -it was late afternoon and the light striking the lower tree trunks was absolutely beautiful.I will never forget it. That relatively brief amount of time as the October sun sets is magical! Another time of the year is during the summer as dusk slowly winds it way towards us. Memories such as these can get us through many a cold grey winters day. Although there are times during the late winter afternoon when the setting sun strikes the bare trunks as it sinks below the horizon that a very special type of quiet that only occurs in winter happens. Listening to Erik Satie, Three Gymnopedies, while drinking a hot beverage watching the winter sunset makes you almost forget the cold.

Yesterday's paintings -the energy of the gesture-
alive, searching, dynamic, heart-felt.


Caroline said...

Great post Loriann, it is important to be aware of the light at certain times of the day. I am so glad you posted this as I often think about the different times of the day as I too love those subtle light differences.

loriann said...

Hi PB!!!!
The color of light will puzzle everyone a little...although I do not think it is an issue for you.Thanks about my color examples..it took awhile to find them all.
PS Oh how nice it must be...retirement!

Hi Jane! Thanks about my examples. Sketching outside and keeping notes helps remember the feel of that light. It's another valid way. Maybe give plein air a try too...but watch out you might get hooked!

Hi Casey!Thank you about my examples.

loriann said...

Hi Donna!
Thank you about the examples I chose. I too do not prefer noon.A good time to eat, that's how I look at it.

Hi NJ,
Thanks for your interesting comment. I used to live in Connecticut and saw the beautiful reds you speak of in Vermont. Maybe someday I will be in Vermont to see it....sounds spectacular!

Hi Caroline,
Thanks about the post.I think you and I lean towards similar lights.Isn't it all amazing when you really think about it??

Takeyce Walter said...

Great post, Loriann. Those are some beauties you have as examples. I love the golden hour light the best, but it can be a challenge to get just right.

loriann said...

Hi Takeyce!

Thanks for checking in! Thank you too for your kind words. And yes I agree with you, the golden hour is a special time.