Wednesday, June 1, 2011

day 1 and guilty

10x10 pastel on wallis

Oh dear! I am not off to a good start. I have fallen victim to the white disease. I know color makes light. Yesterday and today the light has been influenced by the  hazy, hot and humid conditions (temps in the 90s). Everywhere it seems white, touched by lemon meringue. I have been guilty of painting what I see.

I know that a good picture is a mix of beautiful color and neutrals- grays (mixes of the beautiful colors.) I know whites are non colors. Still my track record is awful. Last night, after painting, I returned to my host family's home and I borrowed their vacuum cleaner and sucked all the offending pastel OFF that painting! That one may get a second chance  tonight.
Today and I painted two so far. Still I don't think I can exhale yet.

PS These plein  air competitions are like running a long distance race. Just like horses charging at the gate. Like that horse, I was so hyper yesterday.  I guess  I still am.


Casey Klahn said...

The self critic hat is good for half the battle, huh?

Go get 'em!

Donna T said...

Guilty of painting what you see? Your paintings are so "you" Loriann - so different from anyone else's. You see the colors in a sunset as uniquely as you see these haze-bathed colors and your expressive self always prevails. Don't be discouraged for a second! It's amazing that anyone can paint at all in this heat!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorrian,
I am sure that you are not off to as bad a start as you claim. Do not allow the word COMPETITION to enter your mind. Be one with the painting and close out all other thoughts. Think back to your favorite painting spots and how you own them. It does take a day or two to become acquainted with a new painting location. I went to lecture given by Robert Motherwell and he mentioned that it takes a certain amount of time to become used to a new studio-I think he said 6 months. So if that is the case do what you can with what you have with where you are.
So breathe, relax and enjoy-take all that you learned in the past few months and apply it to the landscape you are now working from. Yesterdays painting was a strong dynamic painting. The 10/10 posted for today June 1 is a good start. Again banish the words competition,disease and such from your thinking. Turn off your inner critic. Otherwise you will be working against yourself.


loriann said...

Hi Casey, yes, that hat fits rather well and is also completely worn in. Productive, not usually, but still...

Hi Donna! Thanks for the boost of confidence. I can't wait to paint one i like.
PS did it sell?

Hi Nj,
Thanks for all your kind words, boosting me up just a little. It's funny all my work with memory makes me long for more. I can't seem to distill while looking at it.Dag!

Celeste Bergin said...

I don't know..whatever you do looks beautiful to me. I'll tune in for tomorrow's result.

loriann said...

Thanks Celeste..tomorrow is another day!

B Boylan said...

I just returned from battle (Los Gatos Plein Air) on the West coast and am enjoying your story from the eastern side of the states. Enjoy the ride!