Thursday, June 2, 2011

day 2 critters galore

10x10 pastel on wallis
I must be wearing a sign on me, something like, "welcome critters." Let me explain. Yesterday morning I went to one of my favorite painting sites, set up and began painting. All of a sudden I started itching...itching like crazy. I come to find out there are ants crawling up my leg and entering my shorts.  My Mom was right when she would say I have ants in my pants. Egad.
Last night I was painting at sunset and these gigantic orange bugs swarmed me. And then when I came to my host's beautiful home there was a bat swooping around..inside. It entered my bedroom and I dove under the bedspread. Finally it left and I was able to sleep.
Long way of saying I am a little under slept and over itched.
Still this morning was better than my last times at the easel.


Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

It's fun to hear the excitement in your voice as you are challenged with new plein air (and critter) experiences! This is a great painting and looks like you have found your groove!

Donna T said...

The bat needs to go out and eat the orange bugs! It's cooler and less humid here today - hopefully where you are too. This is a beauty and I hope that maybe after a nap you will be out to do another with no ants to bother you.

(Keep your non-painting fingers crossed for me: a contract is in the works)

Cindy Michaud said...

Love the stories...but the paintings are great: no pain no gain I guess. Take repellant today and keep posting...wish I were there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann,
Regardless of the bugs & bats this a beautiful painting.
it has a wonderful glow about it and I love the interplay between the blues and yellows. Many many years ago while I was getting my MA I was accepted into an honors program. A select group of us were painting at a farm belonging to one of the professors in Mass. The gals slept in the house and the guys in the barn. One night we were visited by bats. Not only were we swopped down on they also left "gifts " on our pillows-well at least on my pillow! So hopefully you did not receive any "gifts" . So watch out for the ant hills and keep on painting.


Casey Klahn said...

Funny stories! I thought you were going to say you saw a bear!

I've seen painters pictured in snow, and standing in water. But, setting up on an anthill takes the cake. You are going to the extremes!

I notice you are working kind of big, and am glad things are going so well. Can't wait to see what's next.

B Boylan said...

Too funny! I'm glad you are live journaling, hard to do when you've had a long day, but much much appreciated from afar! These events make for little sleep, often making the paintings more carefree. Love this piece!