Wednesday, June 15, 2011

neutrals and their placement

neutral with other neutrals

neutral placed with full color
the neutral alone

Neutrals (grays) are beautiful colors, but sometimes it is difficult to see them. Examine the top photo and that neutral, pictured alone here, looks colorful, even delicious. Now examine the middle photo, that same neutral appears unappealing, washed out next to all of that gorgeous, pure color. Simulataneous contrast works inside the box as well as on the paper/canvas. Nothing is truly what it is until it is next to something else. Simultaneous contrast is the effect of how color and value are relative. We need to keep that in mind in every facet of our work. This is the answer to the question Kvan posed, "Why did I separate neutrals? The answer, "I see more clearly."

Now I need to finish packing my bags. I leave early tomorrow morning for Washington State. I will once again join Richard for his workshop, then take off to my favorite painting spots in the state. I, of course, will try to share the experience right here.

For those inquiring, where have I been???
First, my health is fine. Thank you all for your concern.
I have been swamped at school. (Today was the last day.) Not only has it been the end of the year and the plein air event, but I will also be moving jobs next year. This meant I had to totally pack up a studio  (empty!) and then make plans for another studio (order shelving, materials etc.)  Sounds small, but no, it's a huge job, especially when I still continue 4 physical therapies and 2 doctors appointments a week!

Life is good and I can't wait for tomorrow!! Stay tuned.


Casey Klahn said...

Glad to hear you're well. Travel safely, and say hello to Astrid, too!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

It's hard to argue when your results are so good! Thanks for explaining about the neutrals. Kvan

B Boylan said...

A good post, love the two views with the one color.
Glad to hear you are healthy...and visiting the GNW!

Pam Holnback said...

I needed this post at this exact moment! I just finished a painting in almost all neutrals, to be posted soon. It's really got beautiful muted neutrals, an overcast winter day in Colorado. But, it's missing full color! And, how I remember the end of the year teaching, and remember one time when I moved much work and stuff! Have a great trip.

loriann said...

Hi Casey thank and will do!

Hi Kvan!
Results vary...but the concept is sound. I hope it all makes sense.

Hi Brenda!
Thanks for dropping by and visiting. Love the GNW!

Hi Pam,
Yes, you are right, it is about a dominant, but yet for that to spark the full color needs to be there in a limited amount. Good luck with your painting. I will check by when i have time.