Sunday, June 19, 2011

Richard McKinley Workshop -day 1

I haven't had a moment to blog! This is a painting from my first day (yesterday.) The painting itself did not thrill me, but the fact that fellow blogger, Astrid and I both found the same site was fun. It's always great to meet another blogger! Even better, this time, Astrid Volquardsen and I will get to know each other since the workshop is 9 days long.
As you probably know, each year, I return to Richard's workshop. And while my painting is not like his (nor will it ever be), I have always felt he is the best teacher there is. Each time I hear his words I am in a new place in my own development as an artist.  Therefore "ah ha!" moments continue to happen.  I will share today's "ah ha" excitement tomorrow. For now, I need to drive back to my place and sleep so that I can get up early tomorrow.


Casey Klahn said...

In the fad of texting: WTW (welcome to Washington).

This is the beginning of a series of new and authentic works. I hope the weather holds out for you, and happy painting!

Marc said...

Hi Loriann,
it's nice to read about you and Astrid (my wife) working close to each other. I hope you both find some time to know each other better and better.
And I hope you will write about the workshop with Richard McKinley because Astrid have some problems to do it this week.

A happy and productive workshop for both of you!

loriann said...

Thanks Casey! I do love your state.

Hi Marc,It's a pleasure to meet you via the internet. I was also wonderful meeting Astrid (in person) and Susan. It was a productive workshop. Cheers!