Sunday, June 19, 2011

new methods of underpainting

step one
step two
Underpainting is a way to make the perfect "set-up" for your painting it doesn't matter which medium you use. Yesterday Richard made me, once again, rethink what I am doing, and at the perfect time. Before I left home I was already playing with what I could do with colors and edges using underpainting. And NOW!!!!
The ticket is Spectra-Fix, which is a fixative for pastels. Instead of using water as the spreading medium I use Spectra-Fix. Let me explain. First, you think of the scene you want to paint and lay down hard pastels ( my choice Creatacolors.) Second, you load your brush with Spectra-Fix and move those pastels around. Wait for it to dry. Then for a second layer, place watercolors on top. The last layer was pastel. Afterwards I altered it with more Spectra-Fix. The fun has just begun!

step three


Double "D" said...

Let me take the underpainting and put
some nice frames on them. Or I guess you
could pastel over them create beauty as well.
I like the abstract nature and energy on the
examples. Get some rest and enjoy the scenery
as well.

Anonymous said...

Yes, love the energy in these. I have been reading up on comments about Spectra Fix on WC this post is really interesting, although I 'm not sure it is available in the UK as yet. It does seem like a very good alternative to yucky fixatives, and a more natural product. I hear it works great on Wallis paper. Does it darken things like other fixatives?

I remember Trish Messinger (hope the spelling is right, Trisha) using a solution of Gamblin SIze/water in a Preval spray bottle to create some really nice effects....some years ago. I remember playing with this quite a lot and loved the results.

Loriann, this really does open up new avenues.... especially as the SP is non toxic! Can't wait for more of your insights into the product. .......And of course these little paintings really 'POP' on black, don't they......

Casey Klahn said...

Oh, those edges are the ticket. I am floored by your effects.

Who'dathunlkit? Certainly not I. The only time I ever open the SpectraFix bottle is to un-stick the pump.

Did you say what paper this was?

I'll tell Maggie my own take on SpectraFix, since I expect Loriann will be a little busy. I find no discoloration or darkening from using SF fixative. I use it between layers, but not on top. I do have the occasional spot on my La Carte, but it dries and then there is no problem. The key is to spray upward (acute angle).

B Boylan said...

Spectarfix for underpainting? Wow, that's a new one for my list of 'to do's'. I've tried Createx, alcohol and now using Gamblin. Will try this one out too for kicks. SF is made with grain alcohol so I guess it dries quite quickly?
Again, nice work Loriann.

SamArtDog said...

Yahoo! Better living through chemistry!

Caroline said...

Hi Loriann, beautiful under paintings and thank you for posting the painting process in these. It is so interesting to see how you can use the under paintings to create many new lovely paintings. Each one unfolds like a wee adventure. Nice to hear you are back on a Richard course again, enjoy your time.

Jala Pfaff said...

You're going to be arrested for having too much fun.

loriann said...

Thanks PB,it's finishing those UP that is my struggle. I am still enjoying the cold northwest!

Hi Maggie, The only thing I will add is that I don't use Spectra fix as a finishing fixative, only as a working and process.Possibilities.

Hi Casey,
It is Uart, which takes any abuse. To unstick the bottle take the cap off and dip it in hot water. The casien will harden in the pump. cheers!

Hi Brenda, Yes, it dries quickly so I can use it in the field with another layer of watercolor on top.Runs to the car to use the heater help the process as well.

Hi Sam, heh, you are so right.

Thanks Caroline!

Hi Jala,
Will you post bail for me?