Friday, June 3, 2011

simplify and take your time

Simplifying is much easier in the studio when I am working solely from memory. I now find myself drinking the koolaid of information and the side effects are painful. I find myself rushing to "get it" and just plain looking too much. So for this painting I took my time and simplified.
One visit was to just look. The second visit was to just put down an underpainting. The third visit I adjusted the underpainting to accurate values and big shapes. All that work made it much easier to just take my time and add pastel. The pastel began as "bookends"- lightest light and darkest dark, then straight to the diva. As it unfolded I relaxed more (finally) as I am starting to feel more like myself.
Casey noted yesterday that I am working bigger. Yes, that's true. Part of my goal was to increase size. That's also why I needed to slow down. Covering a 20x10 with pastel is slow going.
I think I may survive this. When I realized that just being here and painting upright for long periods of time was a feat. Hard to believe that one month ago I was still painting on the floor for very short periods. It reminds me of how grateful I am to everyone who has helped get me through this.

PS I just finished a long horizontal. It's my fave so far. I will post it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lorrian,
I like the atmosphere of this painting-the sky and water are beautifully handled. The foreground colors and the color used for the water remind me somehow of Wayne Thiebaud's landscapes. Keep on moving forward-each day will bring more forth more success as evident by this painting


Domi said...

This one is beautiful! Just completing this paint-out is a huge accomplishment. You amaze me! Miss you at work!

Donna T said...

Yes, this is a beauty Loriann! I'm so glad things are going better for you.

Jala Pfaff said...

Loriann, so glad you're doing better and able to be there painting (and standing up!).
All those critters visiting you...yikes. Ick.

loriann said...

Thanks NJ! You have been so supportive with your comments. I really appreciate them! I will always try to keep forward motion. Thanks!

Hey Domi! Thank you! You know only too well!

Hi Donna! Thank you! up and down is part of the whole deal I guess!

Hi Jala! Thanks, you known how hard it is! WHat a wonderful experience it was !