Friday, August 5, 2011

retro fave: dominant value affects color choice

about 10x 16 pastel on Uart
 When making the decisions about your painting, before you begin to paint you need to choose a dominant value. On the value scale, what will the majority of the painting be? (This one is a 1.5/2)

  After making your notan you have the map. It helps to think of you values as abstract shapes and not let those little accents you see divide them. In this painting I planned three main values, but because I decided to paint fog the values needed to be closer together with the foreground enjoying a dark no darker than a 5, with just small accents of a temperature change for drama.
This is a long way of saying that yesterday when I was cleaning out my drawers I found this piece. I was ready to trash it when I said no, it has hope.
It is the view from the wonderful home where I stay when I am in Washington. The Tivel family graciously allows me to share their paradise each year. One morning when the sun was out (rare) I painted this. It was all wrong. Mixed up values and not enough dramatic separation. Plus the bushes in the front too closely resembled the large trees in the distance. Egad! What a mess-up!
Then I thought about the way I KNOW this view- covered in the morning fog. Nine months removed from the actual scene and no photos to use, I was FREE! I rubbed, sprayed and layered. All I had was my memory and a wiped painting. The offending verion is below. Thankfully it is gone now. I live by the motto, "if it isn't delicious, it isn't precious."

old version


Brian McGurgan said...

This is a powerful example of how strongly you're maturing as an artist, Loriann - the decisions you made in reworking the piece give it tremendous emotional gravity. It's subtle and suggestive, saying more with less while conveying a real feeling for the place and mood. The water and distant violets "feel" accurate and you've captured a great sense of depth and distance. Nice lesson on values, too, and I like the changes you've made to your blog!

SamArtDog said...

Wait just a minute!
Is it just me, or did you change your head(ing)?
Surely I would have seen and remembered this beauty!
People overuse the word "stunning" when it should be saved for paintings like this. You are simply amazing!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Your original painting was okay, even if it wasn't "delicious", but the reworked version is amazing!! The whole piece lies down and waits quietly for people to whisper their reactions to its quiet beauty. You are so right about values and color. Nine months, but a lot of life lived through that time, and new ideas about your artmaking that are masterful!

Love the new look to your blog, too!

Donna T said...

I think the original was okay, too, but it seemed like the water and land were competing for attention (two divas having a fistfight :-) The new painting is all about the atmosphere and it's a beauty! You are really showing us how to take control of a painting, Loriann. Thanks!

Jane Hunt said...

Good motto! Thanks for sharing this lesson - always good to be reminded. The new version is lovely.

Deborah Elmquist said...

You are teaching me so much and today was such a day. Keeping your values close is difficult for me and your examples make me want to try harder. I like what said about choosing your dominate value first. Keep your jewels of wisdom coming.

Casey Klahn said...

I instantly pegged the place: Skagit Valley and La Conner fields. Beautiful.

Great new banner, Loriann. Did you change the background color, too? Neutral gray is a good choice.

Jala Pfaff said...

The most effective and impressive transformation I've ever seen. Brava!

Double "D" said...

An impressive example of how much you have matured as a painter and artist. You've passed at least 5 levels of mastery since the old version. The new piece is subtle yet powerful. Truly amazing B!

Caroline said...

Hello Loriann, I remember the old version very well, infact when I opened your blog this morning I thought I know that scene I wonder if Loriann is staying at her friend's house! and that was looking at the new version. So you have captured the location very well, due to more foggy weather conditions you have painted a much softer painting than the old version which looked like the sun was shining on a bright day. I do prefer the new version it is very painterly and atmospheric.

loriann said...

Hi everyone! Something weird is happening with my comment box. I hope I can fix it soon. Bear with me:-)

Hi Brian and thank you! I like to share the struggles I have and what am thinking about them. Thanks for listening.

You are so kind Sam!!!! And yes I made some mush needed "updating" to my blog.

Hi Kvan, thanks for dropping by! And thank you too for your kind comments! My blog definitely needed updating!

Hi Donna, That is an excellent way to put it....a fist fight between divas! that's what it was.
Thank you!

Hi Jane..we all know that lesson and I know I need reminding, you just shared my reminding. Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Deb! How kind of jewels..they are simply my reminders to be true to what I know and often forget in the process.

Hi Casey, Yep I changed to neutral gray, just like my studio walls. I hope it makes the work show a little better. And YOU of course would know the place. Thanks!

Thanks Jala!!!!!

Wow thanks PB! You are so kind. I am just trying to grow and push you!

Hi Caroline, Thank you. I like the new version too. One of the best things about La Conner is the fog! I LOVE it . I wish we have more here! Thank you for your comment!