Monday, January 30, 2012

concept: why ARE you painting that?

As I am hanging all the big pieces (that will be part of my next show) on the walls of my studio I am constantly brought back to the idea of "concept." In other words....Why are you painting that?

When plein air painting it's the reason you stop and paint "that." It's that elusive quality that stops you in your tracks as you walk. Now when you take that idea to the studio it a seed. It meets the beautiful playmates- time and isolation. It grows all by itself, without outside competition. It is through this that the concept can grow bigger or find new meaning.

Last year, during my recovery I read the word -"quietude" and fell in love. It was the word I was searching for all this time. Since I was able to paint only for small periods that the idea kept getting emotional fertilizer, full of ideas that were alive in my head.

If you look in the dictionary it says- quietude-a state of piece and quiet. But to me it is more. It's the silent balance of peace and quiet joy.  It's the looking inward similar to a kind of meditative state with blessings.

Here are a few of the paintings, all from looking out of my window...mostly from my head. They were done last year in January and February, from my bed.

Since then the concept has grown and I wanted to make BIG celebratory works. I was well and I could move. Yay!
The idea of quietude is always in my mind as I paint. I grapple with the best way to emote that feeling in paint. I had hoped to create big works that make a strong feeling of joy mixed with peace- quietude.


All of the paintings are still in process.....
They have very different qualities when compared to the pastels (top 4.)
This is a smaller oil waiting to grow. Quietude always has a space in my head. I wish I still had months more before this show.....I have so many ideas.  Till later.


Donna T said...

Stunning pieces Loriann - both the large ones and the smaller pastels. While they are very personal expressions for you there is also a universal appeal; a quality that speaks to all of us and reminds us to look closer and be receptive to moments like these in our own lives.

loriann signori said...

Thank you Donna!
I am still struggling with every large piece. They are so much harder than the smaller ones. Good point you make too!

Janelle Goodwin said...

What an inspiring post! I love how you took an adverse situation and turned it around to one of peace and joy. And the thoughts and ideas you were experiencing at the time led to these beautiful paintings. You're my hero!

loriann signori said...

Oh you are so sweet Janelle! Thank you.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

You will never know how much I wish I could come and see this show. I would love to walk into all this light and immerse myself. And all this after such a short period of recovery, that's really inspirational. You are flying!

Sarah S said...

Absolutely Gorgeous! Your colors sing. I'm going to return to my plein air studies soon, it's so wonderful to see such inspiration here. I love your layers and palette. Quietude is a lovely word, I agree. Something I strive for in my work as well, or really it comes about naturally I suppose--a reflection of the inner calmness as an artist works, meditative and joyful. I truly believe the brush becomes an intuitive tool for that inner state, something to strive for is a peaceful, joyful mind. It will naturally appear before you in your paintings--as you've demonstrated here.

Lisa McShane said...

Lovely pieces in this inspiring post!

loriann signori said...

Thank you Lisa L.! I wish you could be here too. Thanks for all your kind words! I must say I am possessed with wanting to do more and more!

Hi Sarah and thank you. I find that I must surround myself with "quietude" as much as I can. It can be easier outdoors....solitude, birds singing, etc..(although some experiences can be very opposite.) Indoors the music I play is very important. Paint on!

Thank you Lisa M!

karen said...

Really great post. I have been thinking about the same things - you have a way of saying things so clear. Good luck with your show!

Debbie said...

So beautiful...and moving!

Marilyn R Miller said...

Great post! Love the thoughts! Your paintings are glorious!

Someday I would like to know why the greatest ideas come about three days before the show???????????

Perhaps we would be well served to always have a show looming in the near future to keep juices flowing....

Caroline said...

It is very interesting to see the paintings inspired since your time of recovery. I believe your paintings changed and became stronger with brighter light even in the quiet places. The contrasts seemed more so and perhaps you have a confidence about what it is you truely want to say with your art. The works are beautiful and an achievement to be proud of lots of good work here Loriann with great colour, mood and atmosphere. I always look forward to your posts. All the best with the exhibition do let us know how you get on.

loriann signori said...

Thank you Debbie.

Thanks Marilyn. That's a great question. I think we would all have a slightly different answer. hmmmmm.

Hi Caroline,
Thank you. I think sometimes a period of clarity is a good thing.and so hard to come by. I think in a way I was fortunate to have some forced clarity.

Darrell Baschak said...

Beautiful paintings that come from a beautiful place inside of you Loriann. I haves used Quietude titles in my work, I really like your definition. Best wishes for your upcoming show, Break a leg, eh!

loriann signori said...

Hi Darrell and welcome to my blog! So you too? It is a word that comes from inside, not out, eh?