Thursday, February 2, 2012

purple in the landscape and Wolf Kahn

pastel on watercolor, 10x10

I went to the lake just to observe, not to paint. Just look. But I can never least I just observed the lake. This small field was at my back. heh.
One pastel box has a row of purples and a row of violet like grays. Every landscape has them in one way or another. I can't keep away from them. Side bar note: I painted both my bedroom, living room and bathroom in different shades of purple and gray purple. Purple keeps appearing in my clothes.

I close with another quote from Wolf Kahn-
For the artist, purple has special qualities. The small- est variation in density of tone is significant. Purple can be made to appear airy or heavy.  It can describe a wide range of psychological meanings, from celebratory to tragic.”   


Anonymous said...

Nice, very nice..... It's interesting when one thing ( be it an animal, person, colour) keeps showing up in our life or work. It always means something....but it's figuring out WHAT it means which is the hard part.

loriann signori said...

Hi Maggie,
I think my obsession with purple has to do with its constant presence in the landscape and at this point it has spilled over to my life. Simplistic maybe. I just see it everywhere. I guess it's like when you discover a new color of paint and find reasons to use it all the time... like for instance-cobalt violet. hmmmmmmmm

Bob Lafond said...

Lovely painting, even if it is made with purple. Just kidding. I have always been shy of purple, but you use it magnificently.

Grace | employment posters said...

Your post today proves that you are a fan of Wolf Kahn. Very inspiring!

Paula said...

Just Beautiful!!!

Sara Mathewson said...


that is exactly how I am with purple too. It is my favorite landscape color both the vivid and the grayed. And for clothes too. Well i do wear a lot of tie dye but much of my wardrobe has become purple.

(I live in a very small town near the border in S. AZ and the whole town wears tie dye. I actually have worn it my entire adult life and put it on my kids when they were growing up. I missed the real hippy days as I was born in '62 so I think I'm making up for it. when I saw the people in this town i knew it was the right place for me.

Love your landscapes and love your posts. i learn so much from you. and i am getting someone to make me aq storage closet like you have in your studio for canvas and boards and frames etc. That is the coolest closet ever and I have just the closet for it in my studio.

Take care,

Barbara said...

This one is particularly beautiful!
I find myself contemplating what is back there....

Donna T said...

Very nice painting, Loriann! The orange peeking through the dark trees adds light and air! I would be lost without my purples and violets. They make nice "bridges" between other colors and they are everywhere in nature.

Caroline said...

Hi Loriann, the use of purple in your paintings will be a celebration of life and all of it's beauty in the landscape. I have been using a beautiful ultramarine violet by the brand Old Holland for six months now and it is almost impossible for me to not use it, it is so transparent and glows wonderfully on the landscape. I am also really addicted to Gamblin's veridian green, it is unlike any other I have used before, it is the most lovely transparent green that just vibrates on the landscape, I can use it in the distance and also in the foreground. Your painting is so delightful Loriann. You do inspire me when I see your latest post you have such a zest for life and your art.

loriann signori said...

Hi Bob! I didn't know that you are purple shy! I wonder why.Any insights? Thanks about my painting.

Hi Grace, yes you are right i am a WK fan.

Hi Darrell and welcome to my blog. I don't believe we have met (blog-wise). Thank you so much for you very kind words!

Thanks Paula!

Hi Sara, fellow violette!
Tie dye too....can't join you on that one. As for the closet...I know you will love it.

Thank you Barbara!

Hi Donna!You ARE very observant!

HI Caroline! Old Holland UV/ I will have to try that one..sounds goooood.Thanks so much for your kind words. I am happy to hear I can offer some inspiration! Paint on friend!!!