Thursday, January 31, 2013

snow break

pastel 6x6
On Friday I drove to the airport to pick up my husband, Paul. It was snowing like crazy and the beltway was a parking lot. Great for observation. I had him drive on the return trip so that I could take notes and photograph with my phone. I tried to get the feel of the blurriness that happens with snow. This was the beautiful moment when the skies began to break and the snow was only in the light clouds, not falling down. I am experimenting with the colors I build use to build the toned paper. My pastel is so thick I can scratch and scrape with my nails.

A new quote for you:
Create goals for yourself: 
play, fool yourself and other, be an artist."
Paul Klee, diary 1902

With that said, I think I will return to the press (in addition to painting) to work with monotype/print. I was checking out contemporary monotypes and found Forrest Moses. He makes beautiful monotypes that give me goose bumps. Check out his site.


Jeanette said...

The sky catches my eye and is so familiar in winter. The colour is almost opalescent.

Donna T said...

You sure caught luminous, moving snow effects with this one! You may have been the only person to appreciate the Beltway that day. (Bands of snow are blowing sideways here at the moment.)

loriann signori said...

Thanks jeanette! I was trying to make the opal like quality.

Hi Donna,
As you know the beltway is a challenge in the snow. The one good thing is we were moving sooooo slow (1 or 2 miles an hour) I could just enjoy the landscape without worry.

Micros said...

Hola Loriann

If it will be a terrific snowfall, the sky does have a pinkish cast to it. . . just like you painted it. The thickness of the sky is evident by the marks left on it and adds a beauty on to itself.

Well done.


loriann signori said...

Thanks Micros. I have been enjoying your recent work and have tried to leave a comment but it didn't record. oh dear. Thanks for dropping by!

Micros said...

Good morning Loriann

Comments are welcomed.

Everything works just fine.


Celeste Bergin said...

whoa....this one really gets the attention! Love those small lights.

loriann signori said...

Thanks Celeste!