Thursday, March 7, 2013

don't be fixated on making good paintings

I guess I can't really be accused of that. I find that I can't really ever feel comfortable entering competitions or applying for plein air events. I make myself apply for the plein airs, only because I really enjoy doing them and they push me in another way. But the competitions will have to wait till I know something again.
 Recently I read a quote written by Diana Horowitz. "Don't get fixated on making  a good painting. You can't be afraid of making bad paintings if you are going to learn."

This is the sunrise in the Safeway parking lot ... a few days ago. Shapes and color.


eM said...

This is really true I´ve learned it too during my creating. I was so afraid I´ll do a bad painting. But now I am taking everything as my path of learning. I like your energetic strokes and bright color with contrast.

Donna T said...

Your sunrise colors look completely natural - I would never mistake them for sunset colors! I love how this painting glows!

The competitions will be there when you feel like doing them again. It's good you are going to keep learning and not just worrying about pleasing jurors.

loriann signori said...

hi eM! I think it's so normal since we tend to equate who we are with our paintings. Paint on!

Thanks Donna. I am staying away from jurors for now.

Peintre said...

I am a Japanese painter.
I watched your work for the first time.
Those colors and light are very beautiful.
Thank you.

loriann signori said...

Thank YOU Peintre!

Kev's Art said...

And Jean Carbonetti said "ruin a painting today and become a better painter tomorrow", or words to that effect. I absolutely love your work Ioriann, the way you use colours, these pictures glow beautifully.