Tuesday, August 6, 2013

retro fave- thinking about the art of making poetry

9x18 pastel and watercolor on Uart
 What is essential to making poetry in a painting? Does the description of the place really matter?  What is it that makes a painting draw you in and stay in?  To me, I may not know what it is but I know what it isn't... Details.  Details are my nemesis. Put it along side persnickity work habits. They carry me in unintended directions. Details are like the letters that make up the words.....but it is the words that make the poetry. 
-->You can arrange the words of a poem just like we arrange the shapes, color, edges and value. Arrange and orchestrate, but details just seem to derail.

Last Wednesday I woke up early knowing we would once again be blanketed with fog. On location the fog was thick. As I worked on the painting I realized it wasn't coming together. I was getting derailed. So I turned my back on the scene and only thought of the poetry of what I saw and the color harmony necessary to make the illusion. Another huge painting will grow from this.

I have been out of town for awhile now, painting in some of my favorite locations. My blog will resume with new posts sometime in September. Till then I will post more retro faves.


Casey Klahn said...

There is good light in this painting. Well done!!

Keep us posted on your studio progress - I'm excited for you.

Vanessa said...

Wonderful post Loriann! I struggle with this too, how to find the line between too much detail and too little. And then mixed in all of that is your intention.

I'm still trying to determine which way to lean but in your painting I feel as though you've done it soooo well. The foggy/misty feeling makes your eyes want to peer into it and follow the shoreline. It certainly creates a calming feeling.

SamArtDog said...

I woke up with the thought, "Just simple shapes".
I'm with you.

Donna T said...

Beautiful painting, Loriann! Who needs more details than this? I like your idea of turning your back on the scene. Is it easier to be expressive when your eyes aren't being bombarded by the actual scene?

Debora L. Stewart said...

This is lovely. I always love walking by the river in the fog. Love the pinks within the misty grey.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

You had me with the greys....then you sucker punched me with the mossy green and rusty mauves. The beauty and silence of the fog is deafening, I like it very much. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann,
Another beautiful painting. Each week you post paintings that come from the heart. I enjoy the
quiet harmony of muted colors-so well orchestrated.

Here is a quote by Leonardo da Vinci. I cannot remember where I found it. This quote has become my north star that I guide my painting towards.

" Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen"

Leonardo da Vinci


Deborah Elmquist said...

I love your words and how you express your thoughts as much as your art. Again, you need to put all of your wisdom in a book.

Deborah Elmquist said...

I love your words and how you express your thoughts as much as your art. Again, you need to put all of your wisdom in a book.

loriann signori said...

Hi Casey!
Thanks about the light. Fog is an amazing thing!
The studio is right there staring at me!

Hi Vanessa,
Oh I am so glad that it creates a calming feeling for you. That was my intent. I have now condensed the format to an almost square. I'll post that soon. Thanks for your comment!

Hi Sam!
Sounds like we sing the same song. I have good company!

loriann signori said...

Hi Donna!
Turning away from the scene seems essential sometimes. Thanks! good to hear from you!

Hi Debora,
Thank you about the painting.Sound like we agree about the wonder of fog.

Hi Lisa,
I like your description.
The beauty and the silence of fog is deafening. Yum...what words!

Hi NJ!
LOVE your Leonardo quote!
I will put that one in my new studio!

loriann signori said...

Hi Deborah!
Thanks so much for your kind words! I am so fortunate to have had so many excellent teachers that I have to thank. I just like to pass on what little I know. Thanks again!

eM said...

This painting has a great atmosphere. I love your wise thoughts you sharing with us and I agree with what you say about details. I think it´s the real art to recognize what is important and what is unecessary and distracting detail. Detail can seduce a painter to go astray :-D..Lovely post!! Thank you!

loriann signori said...

Thanks eM. Details are such distraction. If it doesn't add it takes away. Thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate your comments.