Monday, September 9, 2013

controling your influences

Thinking about what we allow to influence our art (or even our life) is something we need to do every once and awhile. We, as artists, constantly barrage ourselves with images. These images of others' work come from galleries, museums, books and the omnipresent Internet.  We look to these "others" for many reasons. Sometimes it is for inspiration, and other times it is to study..... sometimes just because we "like to look."
My sensibilities were shaken up a little during my summer blogation. Which brings me to this question. How would it be different if I didn't look and instead only looked inside? i am venturing to guess there will be a radical difference.
So, I ask, why not take an influence vacation and just look inside?
I am trying to do just that.

Egad, it's hard.


Sergio DS said...

Sometimes it´s difficult look for inspiration, but I find it at your painting, love it.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Loriann, This is great food for thought. I must take an influence vacation to feel and see what comes from inside. Thank you!

Caroline Simmill said...

Hi Loriann, I didn't have a computer for over a year and my art book collection is mostly on watercolours and Cezanne and Turner. It was really interesting to have that experience as I think we are influenced by what she see and by what we like. However saying that you are a plein air artist so you are actually capturing what lies before you. Maybe studio artists have to work from a different source like drawings and photos. I found the break away from computer images very much needed at the time. I did look more inward and perhaps produced too much work that looked very similar!
Your painting is lovely full of mist and light.

Liz Steinglass said...

What an interesting thought. Please tell us how it goes.

Anamaria do Val said...

Loriann, I agree with Janelle, great food for thought. Now I'm thinking about what other people say about our art, the comments in a blog. Don't you think they influence our work too, same way the images do?

Barbara said...

Loriann, I couldn't agree with you more! I'm trying to take a sabbatical from painting to focus on a big project but also to recharge. When I get my thoughts together to post about it on my blog, I will definitely link to this post of yours. Thank you!

Deborah Elmquist said...

So glad you brought this topic up and I too look forward to what revelations it may bring. I have felt that looking at so many paintings from others is discouraging and drains me of true inspiration by going within. But like the perverbial moth, I am drawn to look every day at everyone's images posted on FB and blogs.

Jane Hunt said...

beautiful piece! Interesting issue you address - be curious to see what happens...

SamArtDog said...

For years now, you've been my artful friend and mentor. I've learned so much from watching you and your paintings evolve, and I don't plan to stop now.
Looking inward, eh?
So down the rabbit hole we go!

Post a painting now and then, K?
(I love how I can see evidence of your whole journey in this one.)

loriann signori said...

Hi Everyone!
I really appreciate that you took the time to comment.Due to my downed computer I am a little delayed in my replies.So here goes......

Hi Sergio,
Welcome to my blog! I am delighted that I can give you inspiration..... but I bet it's inside you.

Hi Janelle,
Not having my computer has really made me realize just how much my computer controls me. Influence vacation is the way to go.

Wow Caroline! I certainly admire you for doing a year fast! No wonder your work is so beautiful!

Hi Liz,
Jut a week with no computer and I realize what a time sponge it is, in addition to inspiration leech.

That's a good point. One has to be very careful with listening to "the praise." While it's nice and we seem to thrive with it..the real question is- who do you want to listen to and follow? The answer is you.

Hi Barbara,
Enjoy your much deserved sabbatical. I have always admired your work. Inside, you know what to do to recharge.

You are so right Deborah! It's like the moths to the light bulb.

Hi Jane, Lots to think about. I, too, can't wait to see what happens. It's a real challenge to do.

Hi Sam,
I have been thinking about you. How did you do with all that flooding?
I promise I will post, but I may not be visiting others' sites. Keeping clean.
Thanks so much for your kind words!!!!