Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Guess what? Just this week Richard McKinley, my mentor and friend, surprised me by writing a post about my work and working methods! Here is a link to Richard's post.  If  you have a moment please check it out.
Richard is an amazing painter, teacher and writer. I am honored that he choose to write about my work. I do know how fortunate I am to have him as a friend.
 In the meantime, my computer crashed on Thursday night. The hard drive is kaput. DEAD. That means my time capsule is "vacationing" with my computer for the repair. Which also means there is no Internet or computer at my house. I actually feel fortunate. It' s like hiding all the chocolate from a dieter.  Convenient for someone who is trying to go cold turkey from the image barrage.
On another note, I am now in Chincoteague for their wonderful plain air event. So, on a borrowed computer and Internet, I blog. Two reasons. I want to thank every one for their kind comments and emails regarding Richard's piece and my last blog. And to shamelessly invite you to read the post at the Artist's Network/ Pastel Pointers. I will reply to comments when I have my computer back.

BTW not only did my computer crash, but my refrigerator imploded and created a waterfall in our kitchen. Lucky for me my hubby is back home taking care of business! What a guy!


Leah Noonan said...

Just read Richard's article. He captured you beautifully! Happy painting on Chincoteague and enjoy that new fridge when you get home.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorainn....i just discovered your work because i sub to the artistnetwork newsletter...and i love Richard's work! your work is stunning, rich and definitely luminous! i'm just beginning to explore pastels and feel very open to so much richness out there, like your work...i'm a full time potter, living in a very remote part of Cape Breton Island, so viewing images like yours is such a wonderful experience. i also agree with you about going inward to discover your own visions! thanks and i've subbed to your blog which i look forward to receiving!


loriann signori said...

Thanks Leah!
I am back now from a wonderful time in Chincoteague and yes the fridge is awesome!..No waterfalls!

Hi Linda!
I am delighted to hear that you happened to find my blog. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. Cape Breton is a beautiful place. Lucky you. My best friend Leah (comment above) lives somewhat near you- in Nova Scotia. Work on with you pastels and clay!