Friday, February 14, 2014

sister clouds

After I finished Cloudburst (painting on right) I looked high up on the studio wall and saw her abandoned sister. While they were not made as a diptych, once the one on the left gets finished they will hang well together. I had painted the second version (left) when I was frustrated with the one on the right (now finished).
The one on the left has taken so much abuse that the linen has begun to sag on the right side. I will need to re-stretch it soon.
We received 14 inches of snow Wednesday night- a rarity for DC. The city has shut down, even bus service and above ground metro were halted.


Anonymous said...

L, they will look fantastic hung together when you are through. Love the path you cleared to your studio! Can't wait to see photos of your upcoming wishes to you.

loriann signori said...

Thanks so much Maggie!i love the snow right now. It feels good to be nestled in the studio - working- finishing all these works staring at me from the corners. I will post more photos as they are complete. Thanks for the good wishes . I will need them!

Donna T said...

With paintings like this it is guaranteed to be a great show! Keep the inspiration going!

Caroline Simmill said...

Beautiful paintings Loriann good to see you are painting in oils again, the colors are so warm and glow beautifully. Keep snug indoors during the snowy weather.