Wednesday, April 16, 2014

red tree 2 warmer palette

14x15 pastel

 I decided to play with the red tree and see what would happen when I make my palette warmer. In the meantime I am preparing a wood panel in order to paint much larger in oil: 36x36 vs the 15x14 you see here. The oranges are more a part of the grasses and trees. They replace the abundance of violets. I may like the first cooler one better. What do you think?


anthony mendivil said...

I think this one,the warmer one , is the better of the two. The warm brings the foreground forward and sets the stage. This is a beauty .Anthony

Christine Troyer said...

Warmer is more appealing to me. You know where I live so you probably understand my bias.

loriann signori said...

I am so glad you commented Christine and Anthony! I had just decided that the cooler one was far superior..but that too is my bias towards violet. Thanks! I will give this one new consideration!