Monday, April 21, 2014

warm trees remake

This painting began as a plein air study that never quite found its voice. See the study below- finished painting on top.
When I return from painting I normally place the board (onto which the painting is taped) on one of the sills in the studio. That way I get to live with it before making new marks. Usually, if I wait long enough the painting will tell me what to do.

This time the remake process began with smoothing out the lines and divisions so that I had more freedom to decide where the diva (center of interest) should be, in addition, where her supporting cast would do their job. That done, I sprayed a little Sennelier fixative so that I have a fresh beginning. I wanted the grasses to have a strong vibration that moved up the off center trees. I also wanted to lose the sharp melon colored border. The whole painting needed softness- less contrast. I later decided to have a delicate mesh-like peek-a-boo feeling in the grasses in the diva spot.
When you are no longer at the scene and do not use photo reference you are freer to look at your painting as an abstraction of color. Do you do your own remakes?

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